For the past few days, many people have been enjoying the latest Star Wars Battlefront 3 Beta on Origin. My thoughts? Well, it seems like it could be a fairly good game and it definitely looks nice. Will need some patching to fix spawns though as they are horrible at best right now. Aside from that, it is a good FPS and I am looking forward to seeing some of the game modes that are currently locked up. I have taken the time to play a couple matches of each mode you can access right now and have shared the videos below.



In drop zone, the objective is to capture the fallen pods for a certain amount of time without letting the enemy take them from you. Once you have captured a pod for said time, a new one will drop from the sky. First team to capture 5 wins, unless time runs out first!


Survival mode is your classic defeat the enemy waves mode. During the beta, you can play this by yourself or coop with a friend.


In the Walker Assualt Mode, you will battle over the massive AT-AT’s

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