Washington DC is the capital of the United States, located on the Potomac River’s east bank, known for the famous White House, historical Lincoln memorial, and iconic Washington Monument.

Indeed, Washington DC is a great place to visit; it has also become a business district for technopreneurs and investors deploying capital in fintech, e-commerce, and SEO company washington dc to boost economic growth and promote digitalization. 

What is Keyword Research?

A keyword is a concept used in digital marketing to define a phrase or a set of words that consumers use to discover information in a search engine. 

In SEO, keywords are vital because they help you target your content to fulfill the searcher’s demands.

What Are the Different Types of Keywords?

To create an intent-based approach for SEO company Washington dc, you’ll need to start with keyword research that considers the many sorts of keywords.

Most SEOs think that there are four primary sorts of keywords that you may use to categorize intent.


Many keywords with a lot of search volume don’t convert well on websites. Why?

Citizens in Washington are merely looking for answers. Informational keywords are the terms used to describe searches.

Examples of valuable keywords:

  • Calories in coffee
  • Today is International Coffee Day.
  • What’s the difference between brewed coffee and iced coffee?

By focusing on these phrases, you may establish yourself as an authority in your field and gain the trust of individuals looking for answers to frequent issues.


Transactional keywords have the highest intent to buy or take immediate action in Washington, DC.

Paid advertisements and highly optimized purchase pages or pages where consumers can take rapid action on a site can target these keywords. 

Examples of transactional keywords:

  • Buy cryptocurrency over the online.
  • Sandwich shops that deliver near me
  • For sale: a pickup vehicle

You can also call transactional keywords buyer keywords since they are more likely to be utilized by someone at the beginning of the purchase cycle.

As a result, while conducting keyword research and developing an SEO or PPC strategy, these keywords are pretty helpful.


Keywords that reflect a searcher’s interest in specific items or services are commercial keywords.

Keyword examples for commercial use:

  • Free coffee
  • Various kinds of Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee
  • iPad Air vs. iPad
  • Reviews of the iPad mini

These keywords can be essential possibilities to reach an audience that you can turn into future consumers since they reflect a person’s desire to buy or engage in some commercial activity in the future.


The navigational keyword is another type to be aware of. There will be navigational search results when a person puts a business or brand name into a search engine.

Keywords in the navigation bar:

  • Youtube
  • Blog about Semrush

People in Washington conducting these searches are already familiar with the brand or product and are looking for the right online or physical place to access it.

When the business or site is well-known and famous, such keywords might be beneficial organic traffic sources.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the various keywords and determining their intent in Washington DC is crucial to developing a keyword strategy.

You’ll be able to give answers to consumers’ inquiries and lead them toward a purchase if you conduct keyword research at all phases of the buying funnel.