Like any other job, web development requires specific tools to streamline the process and make it easier for the developers. The good thing is that there is plenty of these tools. However, the many options present the challenge of deciding the best one for a particular project, especially if you are starting a web development career.

Do not worry; we have researched and listed the five tools to have, whether you are a new or experienced web developer.

From browser plugins and add-ons to code-streamlining processors, the opportunities for creating excellent web applications are limitless.

  • Sublime Text

We begin with the basics: the code editor with a well-designed, rapid, highly efficient, and intuitive interface. The ability to offer several keyboard shortcuts makes Sublime Text one of the text editors in the market. This feature allows quick navigation and the ability to carry out simultaneous edits. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a quick-to-learn code editor, the sublime text provides the best solution, especially if you have a long project where saving a few seconds is crucial.

  • Typescript

TypeScript is an open-source programming language that adds additional features to JavaScript, enabling numerous applications to be written on JavaScript. Being JavaScript’s superset, TypeScript helps address JavaScript shortcomings through other features such as static type checking.

The additional features make it easier to write and understand the JavaScript language. TypeScript saves time, allowing you to spend the effort on other things. Another advantage of using TypeScript is that it suits small and large businesses. 

  • Chrome Developer Tools

Imagine editing your CSS and HTML in real-time or debugging the JavaScript while viewing and analyzing your website’s performance. That’s what Chrome’s DevTools offer. They provide web developers with access to the internal functioning of their web applications.

Chrome DevTools are regularly updated, ensuring accurate analysis at any time. In fact, Google releases updates every six weeks.

Features of Chrome DevTools

  • The tools allow you to inspect Network Activity.
  • Chrome DevTools has performance panel functionalities for optimizing speed, analyzing runtime performance, and diagnosing forced synchronous layouts.
  • They have several security panel functionalities such as Memory, Application, Network, Sources, and Elements panel.
  • GitHub

It’s common for a developer to make mistakes while working on a project. GitHub lets the developer view any changes they make and even return to their previous state. The platform allows the developer to manage multiple projects by assisting them in creating review processes for the written code.

Other benefits of GitHub to developers include bug tracking, task management, feature requests, and wikis for web creation.

GitHub is a suitable web development tool for all sizes of organizations and can be integrated with other libraries. It is used by individual developers and enterprises, enabling collaborations between teams.

  • AngularJS

Most developers perceive the inability of HTML to manage dynamic views as a serious flaw. This is where AngularJS comes in to help developers in extending HTML’s vocabulary, providing a readable, expressive, and quick-to-develop environment.

Developed by Google, AngularJS is an open-source web application based on TypeScript. The fully extensible web development tool can work with other applications, allowing you to alter or replace the features depending on your workflow development.

Features of AngularJS

  • AngularJS offers Plain JavaScript, Controller, and Data Binding features. Data Binding is essential in eliminating DOM manipulation.
  • The application provides essential features for component creation, such as Directives, Localization, and Reusable Components.
  • AgularJS has inbuilt Testability for testing projects and libraries. It makes your codes easy to test.
  • It also avails Deep Linking, Server Communication, and Form Validation features for Back ends and Form Validation.

Final Thoughts

The above are some of the crucial tools for a new web developer, where some can be accessed for free while others require purchasing. TypeScript, Chrome Development Tools and AngularJS are freely available, while GitHub runs a freemium model.

The best web development tools should work for your project and make work easier, smooth, faster, and trackable. There are dozens of these tools in the market, and each developer has their preferences. 

If you are starting a career in web development, it is advisable to understand the above and other tools to make your journey successful.