Video content is the next big thing for marketing, branding, and creating visibility amongst the target audience. Businesses that do not indulge in promotion through video content indeed are missing out on tremendous opportunities. According to Statistic, 78% of companies gained higher traffic to websites with the help of videos.  The comprehensive in-built tools in the online video editors with pre-made templates make it easy to edit a video. Marketers are reluctant to enter the arena of video editing, considering the complexity of the process. The present-day video editing software and tools demand no technical expertise.

The 2020 State of Marketing report by HubSpot suggests that video marketing outweighs other forms of content marketing. It is now possible to create and edit videos in just minutes and customise them with online tools. 

Best online video editing tools for 2022

  • VEED

It is one of the easiest tools to create videos within an hour. It is an excellent tool for beginners to create videos for personal marketing, branding, blogging and social media campaigns. The interesting in-built tools help integrate voice recording with the video.

  • The video maker tab includes a guide template for easy creation and editing of the video by stitching clippings together.
  • Convert the videos into multiple compatible formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV etc.
  • Add subtitles to the video with the in-built auto-captioning.
  • Teleprompter feature help in reading a script while recording the video
  1. InVideo

It is one of the best online video editors integrated video creation platforms with in-built tools and templates. It allows creating professional-grade videos in minutes, and the intuitive tools help with varying degrees of video customisation. It is user friendly, suitable for beginners, and does not require technical knowledge or expertise in video editing. It is highly recommended for small businesses, social media marketing and individuals.

  • 5000+ pre-made fully customisable templates
  • Millions of royalty-free images, videos, and music
  • Automated text to speech conversion
  • Editing tools like colour grading, saturation, filters, transition, exposure, fonts etc.
  • Get up to 100GB of cloud storage
  • Voice over integration with the video
  1. Magisto

It is a great video editing tool for creating branding and marketing videos. The in-built guides and prompts help beginners to create videos in minutes. The AI-intelligent system put together a video through suggestions demanding no technical expertise. The end to end video marketing, from making the video to editing, is powered by its AI system.

  • Magisto is one of the best online video editors as it not only helps in editing the video but provides seamless video marketing and distribution.
  • Browse through 1000+ pre-made templates for professional-grade videos
  • Get access to 3+ million HD quality stock videos and 25 million images
  • Fully customisable video template for logos, colour grading, fonts, transitions etc.
  1. WeVideo

The cloud-based video editing platform is suitable for social media videos, small businesses, educators, with compatibility across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebook. Fuel the creativity with its green-screen features. The fast and reliable video editing tool supports multiple video formats and helps with creating scalable video content.

  • Cloud-based editing tools give the flexibility to create video anytime with unlimited storage.
  • Enjoy over 1M+ stock videos and images.
  • Green Screen feature to merge creative background snippet
  • In-built templates with customisable options.
  1. Animoto

The editing tool is recommended for creating quirky and attractive videos for brands, testimonials, promotion of products or services and social media marketing. It does not have any complicated learning curve and prides itself on its beginner-friendly features. The customisable options give the video a personalised touch aligned with the business or brand.

  • Create customisable videos with colour grading, fonts, filters etc.
  • Get access to 3000+ music or audio tracks
  • Royalty-free 1M+ Getty Stock Photos and Images
  • Pre-made templates for different video categories
  • Share video directly across multiple social media platforms
  1. Adobe Spark 

Adobe brings you an intuitive and clean interface for video editing with fully customisable pre-made templates. It is excellent for beginners and experienced video creators with tools to edit videos from scratch. It is best for social media influencers, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs looking forward to creating an attractive professional-grade marketing video.

  • Clean interface with prompts and guidance through to edit videos.
  • The platform offers 1000+ attractive templates and customisable options.
  • Support collaborative work on the same project
  • Easy and convenient upload and sharing across social media channels
  1. Filmora

It is one of the leading and best online video editors with the creative freedom to edit compelling and attractive videos with the creative freedom. It is a popular video marketing and editing tool with in-built video enhancement and editing features. The intuitive and simple video editing interfaces gives the flexibility to add seamless transition, customise colours, trim or crop, adjust colour effects etc.

  • Tons of free templates to create engaging videos
  • Bunch of innovative features like overlays, filters, motion elements, transitions, etc. 
  • Supports high quality 4K resolution video and GIF images
  • Access to millions of royalty-free photos, videos, and music.
  • Advanced editing features like picture in picture, 3D video stabilisation, green screen, etc
  • Video controls like trim, crop, rotate, merge, adjust aspect ratio, splits, fade in and out etc.
  • Stylish text editor for incorporation of professional fonts
  1. Render Forest 

The online editing tool has in-built 1000+ templates in various categories along with royalty-free stock images and videos. It is an intuitive tool for creating marketing videos with customisable options. The user can use any template by uploading their photos or videos or stock content. Alternatively, the user can edit videos from scratch.

  • The cloud-based platform offers cloud storage and easy video access.
  • Easy to use editing tool perfectly suitable for beginners.
  • Get access to millions of images and videos from the stock library.
  • Customise the video for colour grading, filters, fonts etc.
  • Allow 60 hours of video durable with HD720 and HD1080 resolution export
  • Use royalty-free background music or voice over. 
  1. FlexClip 

The video editor is perfect for creating short marketing videos or ads and is great for small businesses, social marketers, and entrepreneurs. It requires no learning curve but the prompts during video editing help in creating professional-grade video. Create videos using fully customisable templates and share them on social media.

  • Large stock of royalty-free images and videos
  • Pre-built customisable templates.
  • Add background music or voice over from the video editor
  • Add animated text, logo, use colour grading, record voice all from the tool.


Video editing has now become quite easy and less time consuming with fantastic video editing tools. These video editing tools are cloud-based and help in transforming clips into professional videos. Take your business to the next level by engaging the audience with unique, creative, and exciting videos edited in just a few minutes. Multiple brand plugins help with creating professional-grade videos.