As a marketer, you know the importance of running targeted campaigns that speak to your audience at exactly the right time. Using a popup builder is a great way to deploy situational messaging, limited-time offers, and seasonal promotions. With a bit of customization, you can make your popups extra relevant for certain times of year. Here are some tips on tailoring your popups for holidays, events, and seasonal needs.

Valentine’s Day Popups

Valentine’s Day offers a prime opportunity to connect with customers in your niche. For an online florist, jeweler, chocolatier, or gift site, Valentine’s-themed popups can boost revenue. Include Valentine’s images, color schemes, romantic messaging, and limited-edition products. For example, a jewelry retailer could showcase heart pendants and bracelets in a popup with red and pink colors and a message like “Find the perfect Valentine’s gift!”

Consider timing, too — you’ll want Valentine’s popups to display leading up to February 14, not in March. Build in a date range so the popup only appears in early February. Make sure your popup builder lets you schedule when popups display.

Easter Popups

Easter brings thoughts of bunnies, eggs, baskets, and spring. Pastel colors, flowers, and bouncing chicks should dominate your Easter popups. Promote seasonal candy, egg coloring kits, Easter toy gifts, and springtime clothing. Use your popup builder to advertise Easter meal deals at restaurants or Easter Sunday brunch options.

Schedule your Easter popups to end after the holiday weekend — keep them active through Easter Sunday, then set an end date. You don’t want rabbits and baskets in May, so build in timely display options.

Mother’s Day Popups

Mother’s Day popups can include flowers, hearts, sentimental messaging about moms, and lots of pink and purple hues. Jewelry retailers can suggest gifts like pendants with birthstones, watches, or personalized necklaces. Suggest pampering gifts for moms, like luxury bath products, spa gift cards, or plush robe and slipper sets.

Restaurants should promote Mother’s Day brunch specials and deals. Any business can offer fun freebies around Mother’s Day, like free eBooks about parenting, virtual cooking classes for moms and kids, or free gift shipping. Set your Mother’s Day popups to end shortly after May 8th each year.

Back to School Popups

The back-to-school season is a major time for retailers. Create popups that speak to students, parents, and teachers stocking up for the new school year. Promote desks, organization supplies, notebooks, and technology like laptops and backpacks. Clothing retailers can advertise school uniforms and trends for teens/college students.

You can also suggest dorm room essentials, care packages for college kids, and supplies for teachers setting up their classrooms. Local restaurants can offer back-to-school-themed specials for families. Display your back-to-school popups from mid-July through early September to catch the shopping rush.

Halloween Popups

Halloween popups demand bold orange, eerie blacks, ghostly whites, and festive jack-o-lanterns. Promote costume accessories, candy for trick-or-treaters, Halloween decor, party supplies, and seasonal home items. Use fun fonts and creepy imagery like mummies, black cats, or haunted houses.

For extra relevance, incorporate Halloween themes into your regular products. A makeup site could showcase costume makeup tutorials, for example. Position Halloween popups from mid-September through November 1 to maximize exposure around October 31st.

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Thanksgiving Popups

Thanksgiving popups tend to feature autumn leaves, turkeys, pumpkins, and harvest colors. Grocers and food brands should highlight deals on traditional holiday foods, recipes, wines, and decor.

Suggest Thanksgiving-themed DIY crafts, table decor, and kitchenware for hosts. Sales on electronics, toys, and other gifts can attract Black Friday shoppers. Local events, turkey trots, and “shop small” messaging also work for Thanksgiving popups. Display these through late November, then switch themes.

Christmas Popups

The Christmas shopping season is hugely important for retailer revenue. Start promoting holiday gift ideas, sales, decor, recipes, and events in your popups by late October. Use bold reds, festive greens, snowy backdrops, Christmas trees, Santa imagery, and fun holiday fonts.

Offer free shipping or discounts for early gift purchases. Spotlight best-selling toys, electronics, clothing, and other holiday must-haves. You can also use your popups to advertise holiday hours, order deadlines, delivery dates, and seasonal services like gift wrapping. Make them feel urgent to drive purchases. Keep your Christmas popups active through at least December 24th.

New Year’s Popups

As one year ends and the next begins, New Year’s popups can encourage audiences to order calendars, agenda books, or planners for planning ahead in the new year. Promote health products, gym memberships, nutrition programs, and tools for setting New Year’s resolutions.

Travel companies can use New Year’s popups to promote trips and cruises for the year ahead. Stores can offer post-holiday sales on decor, year-end financial services, or “new year, new you” lifestyle products. You can also display these through at least the first week of January to capitalize on fresh starts.


The key to successful seasonal and holiday popups is making your messaging and promotions timely and relevant. Take advantage of the emotions and spending motivations connected to special events. With a flexible, customizable popup builder, you can easily tailor popups to holidays, events, and seasonal moments year-round.