EK®, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is happy to announce that all stand-alone pumps, pump-reservoir combo units, and distribution plates now come with the newest and latest genuine Xylem D5 and DDC pumps. The transition started months ago, but now, all of the EK stock has been fully converted to products using these new pumps. The D5 variants have been upgraded from G2 to G3, which signifies their generation, and the DDC pumps now come in 4.2 variants upgraded from the 3.2 version. All EK products that are now using the latest version of a D5 or DDC pump did not undergo any price changes as a result of these upgrades.

What Is New In EK-Loop D5 G3 PWM Motors?
The G3 motor is a successor to the world-renowned Xylem D5 PWM pump. It features an improved PWM control driver. The cables come all black now for a reduction in visible cable clutter. To top it off, the connector is now changed to a SATA power plug, which is much easier for users to connect but also has a smaller footprint, and further reduces the need for MOLEX 4-pin cables on your modular power supply. All this leads to a cleaner build with fewer and less visible cables.

3831109848494 d5 g3 pwm motor cable

What Is New In EK-Loop DDC 4.2 PWM Motors?
The DDC 4.2 PWM motor is a direct upgrade of the 3.2 motor. The main difference to a DDC 3.2 PWM is the black cabling, SATA power connector instead of MOLEX, and a 32-bit communication interface. As with the new D5 pump, the new DDC will provide cleaner aesthetics with fewer and less visible cables, thanks to the all-black cables and a slim SATA power connector compared to traditional MOLEX. Aside from this, the previous generation, 3.2, used an 8-bit communication interface. The new 4.2 now uses 32-bit communication leading to more accurate and efficient electronics resulting in faster communication.

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