An employee self-service portal is a web-based system through which employees can access, view, and update their personal information, submit time off requests, get access to training programs, view their pay slips, and more. It has turned out to be one of the best solutions for both employers and employees, as it helps everyone stay informed, organized, and on track. If you want to automate some of the repetitive administrative tasks, centralize information, and make things more efficient, an employee self-service portal is a great choice. 

If you are wondering whether you should integrate an employee self-service portal into your business or not, then the points below will be able to clarify things for you.

Employee Records Are Up to Date

The first way in which an employee self-service system or portal like Wyndham My Portal can help your company is by ensuring that all the employee records are up to date. An employee self-service portal helps managers and other administrative staff keep a track record of their employees and allows employees to edit their personal information. An ESS portal provides an overview of employees’ data and reminds them to complete their personal information so a track record can be kept of it.

Makes Your HR Department More Efficient

An employee self-service portal can help your HR department become more efficient and productive. It has been estimated that a majority of working time in HR departments is taken up by administrative activities. This means that there is quite a lot of load on the HR department if they have to manually take care of administrative tasks. Fortunately, employee self-service portals can reduce this workload on the HR departments.

With an ESS portal, most of the automotive administrative tasks are taken care of and the HR department gets spare time to focus on key issues. With this, your HR department can focus on the tasks and things that are important for the long-term success of the company without any extra burden of taking care of administrative tasks.

Employee Training Made Easier

Employee training is an important factor for any company. Prior to the days of employee self-service portals, the HR department had to directly communicate the updates about the training programs individually to each employee, which not only took a lot of time but was also a burdensome process. Not to mention the lost emails or forgotten meetings.

Fortunately, an employee self-service portal like Hilton Lobby is a one-in-all platform through which you can do multiple things including communicating the updates of training programs directly to the account of each employee. This means that each employee can receive updates about his/her training program directly into their account and there are no more lost emails or forgotten employee training meetings.

More Happier and Satisfied Employees

Integrating an employee self-service portal into your company or organization can lead to more happy and satisfied employees. An employee self-service portal provides an easier way for employees to handle routine tasks, such as updating their information, marking attendance, annual leave planning, time tracking, etc.

Instead of having to go through paperwork and meet with the manager, employees can get most of the things done by themselves. Additionally, they can also find answers to their questions with a few clicks and taps, making everything so much easier and convenient for them.

Accurate Time Tracking and Payroll

An employee self-service portal is also beneficial for your company because it can allow you to keep accurate track of time and payroll. Prior to the advent of modern technology, it was a problem to deal with incomplete timesheets. With an employee portal, these problems are taken care of, as these portals have built-in self-service time and attendance software that allows workers to complete their timesheets as soon as they are reminded.

This allows the employees to accurately fulfill and complete their time sheets so that they can also update their balances accordingly and avoid having any payroll issues.