If you are reading these lines, most likely you know how to use a personal computer and the Internet. But surprisingly, still, not many people understand the importance of data protection. Especially in online gambling which became a favourite niche for scammers and identity thefts. Below, we discuss how reliable brands take care of your safety. Every time when you choose top-rated pay by phone casinos in New Zealand or play new slots, make sure that all these criteria are in place. 

International licenses

It may be difficult and time-consuming to check online casinos on reliability and security but luckily international testing agencies do all the job for you. They make sure that the brands meet industry standards, encrypt data, pay out the winnings, and don’t disclose your personal information to third parties. 

The best agencies are MGA, UKGC, and SGA. They have the strictest demands and it is very difficult to obtain a license. On the contrary, offshore agencies like Curacao don’t really check online casinos, so when seeing their seals on the website, you should better search for another brand.


One of the measures to protect casino games is firewalls. They are software shields that stand between a casino and the Internet and filter traffic. With the help of firewalls, only safe information can pass through the barrier. Online casinos may use software-based or hardware-based firewalls based on their capabilities and intentions. But not depending on the type, this instrument prevents attacks and unwanted access, blocking not only stand-alone information flows but certain servers and websites as well. 

GDPR Data Protection

In order to operate, online casinos that hold UKGC licenses should first comply with the GDRP data protection standards which are the highest in the industry. However, the European Gaming and Betting Association based in Brussels allows gambling activity when all of its requirements are met. For example, recording calls, keeping game history, detecting players who cheat, and so on. EGBA has recently published a Data Protection Code of Conduct for Online Gambling Operators which covers such important questions as data collection, anti-money laundering, responsible gambling, and, of course, encryption.

Secure servers

Another less obvious but still important way used by online casinos is secure servers. These are computers which keep all files and data from the website. When visiting a gambling site, first of all, your browser connects to the server and extracts the necessary information. Servers should be located in secure countries with stable internet and electricity, and territories where gambling is legal.

Data encryption

It is easy for an experienced hacker to intercept your data on its way to the casino. That is why gambling sites use the Secure Socket Layer technology to minimize the risks. The most common and widespread protocols are 128- and 256-bit. The SSL technology encrypts personal information like your full name, address, password, and payments. Another way to ensure first-class data encryption is to use Visa and Mastercard. These bank issuers have the best software that ensures the safety of online transactions.

How you can protect yourself

As a gambler, you can also contribute to personal data protection. Here are a few tips that you can apply:

  • Use only trusted networks, preferably private Wi-Fi. Public internet connections are not reliable and it is very easy to lose data, especially when you create an account or transfer money.
  • Use virtual private networks to encrypt traffic and direct it through different servers. The best VPNs of 2022 according to this article are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.
  • Always create different passwords for different websites. It must be at least 8 symbols long and include lower- and uppercase letters and numbers.

Secure online gambling is always a priority

The online gambling market has never been as regulated as it is nowadays. Reliable brands have international licenses, last-generator encryption, and security policies to keep your information protected. But there is always a small chance of fraud, so you should also put effort – use virtual private networks, connecting through home WiFi, and using only trustworthy payment methods. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Grace Tennet. As the head of the NZ CasinoHEX content department, she knows everything about safety and anonymity when gambling, and describes that deeply in her articles.