The history of open source can be quite exciting if checking the first steps of the development process. The developers were highly motivated once offering their open-source creations.Before monetizing open source software projects, establish the proper legal structure for your business – online services like LLC in Georgia make it fast and affordable to set up a Limited Liability Company to protect personal assets. Other tips include adding premium features users pay for, offering technical support and maintenance plans, building a contributor community to crowdfund development, or partnering with companies to create custom modules. Careful planning and leveraging multiple revenue streams can lead to sustainable income from open source work.

There are a lot of people interested in the creation of an effective business model. It includes developers who need a budget to start their own business. Also, it counts various startups, middle-sized companies, and various companies that tend to get money with open-source software.

To start earning money, one needs to come up with an efficient business model. The open-source software is available for millions of users. With the wide use of the software mentioned at, the developers expand their knowledge and come up with amazing ideas for innovations. Besides, the developers get a chance to get a decent revenue. To make money with open software, the first step is to create a well-planned and effective business model. It requires time for preparation and some business knowledge. Still, with the final goals clearly defined, you can succeed with your open-source software monetization. 

The Benefits of Open Sources Software

Open-source software is highly popular these days. The availability is probably its biggest advantage. Additionally, the development of open sources has reduced costs. Open-source software helps improve the quality of software throughout the entire world. It brings the created software faster to the current market. The development of open software drives innovations and promotes flexibility within an invention process.

The customization and integration are faster with open-source software. The modification process can be issued faster as well. Besides, the open tools get a wide development community support. It allows improving the existing software greatly. Also, it helps to create new software designs with advanced features. With the proper knowledge of how open-source make money, the open software tools can be even more beneficial for developers, various companies, and startups. 

How to Make Money with Open Source

The open-source software can be recognized as one that does not require monetization models. Still, open-source make money as any other software. You just need to prepare a good business model. It differs from the ones offered by paid software. Still, it can bring decent money in the end.

To create a proper business model, you need to learn the way the open-source business model can be prepared by companies. The open-source code is in public use for everyone who needs it. The developers can use the open code from the repository to start their software development process.

There are special licenses that ensure the availability of OSS for everyone. The conditions and terms are clearly defined in mentioned licenses. You can make money writing code. Also, you can prepare a special license that requires fees. This is one of the ways to earn money with open sources software. The two other methods are donating and hosting. Together with licensing, they are the most effective ways to make money software these days. 


Donations are probably the most popular way to gain money when you offer OSS. Besides, this is the top way chosen by startups and small individual developers. Once asking for donations, the startups expect to gain the support of people interested in using all the benefits of offered software. Besides, most of the donated money is often used for developing the software and additional innovative features. Many authorized platforms allow placing the projects and asking for donations. Besides, most of these platforms operate free of charge. The donated money can greatly improve the development process, and gain some profit afterward. The disadvantage of the chosen business model is its instability. You definitely cannot predict whether you will gain some decent donations or not. 


This is another option when you think about how open-source software makes money. Here is a two-step proposition that can be used by individual developers or big companies. You can allow others to keep your software on their websites. You can create OSS and share it with the world. The business that can be interested specifically in the offered software will be glad to run it on their servers. This is a free option. Another offer can be a paid one. You can offer your servers to run other companies’ applications on. Still, you need to remember to keep the fees low. There is no need to come up with huge fees. This method must be always approached carefully. 


Licensing is another way to make money with open source. Here, we talk about dual licensing. It means that you can offer your open-source software for free for individual developers. They can use it to build their advanced applications. The big companies that use your open-source code gain revenue ultimately. They should pay for the OSS use since they get the monetary reward in the end. To maintain successful cooperation with large companies, it is good to provide licenses with clearly defined terms and conditions. It will help offer companies a list of licenses. They will be able to choose the ones that fit their business goals the most. The licensing rules allow keeping cooperation equally beneficial for both parties. 


You are not limited to the mentioned three methods. Still, they are probably the most efficient ones these days. You can also use other effective ways to make money with open-source software. As any experienced programmer makes money online, open-source developers can monetize their work. Also, they can earn enough money to improve their software. With any of the chosen methods, you can gain enough money to develop your software and bring more innovations into the world.