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Leaders in design and gaming merge functionality with display technology 

Stuttgart/Amsterdam, 13 October 2020 – Porsche Design and AOC have entered a partnership that combines Porsche Design’s sophisticated and functional design philosophy with AOC’s state-of-the-art display technology. Together they will bring exceptional gaming monitors to the market, developed for gamers looking for the highest performance while keeping an eye on the progressive, yet stylish look of their gaming station. The first ever Porsche Design AOC AGON gaming monitor will be launched in autumn 2020.

The Porsche Design brand is synonymous with exclusive lifestyle products and stands for precision and perfection. The company’s pure design philosophy is to optimize form and function by discovering new and innovative solutions. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology, the largest LCD monitor manufacturer in the world. Thanks to its excellent, high-performance and unique gaming displays from the AOC Gaming and the premium AGON lines, AOC holds the number one position in the global gaming monitor market.

The synergy of both companies, and their respective areas of expertise, will result in stellar products that shine in design as much as in functionality. The first ever Porsche Design and AOC gaming monitor will be launched worldwide in autumn 2020. With this strategic partnership, Porsche Design is entering a rapidly growing market segment – the global market volume of gaming monitors of 144Hz and above grew by 76% year over year at the end of 2019. The collaboration offers the exclusive lifestyle-brand access to a well-funded younger and more expansive target group with a strong community all over the world. Borrowing from an established history of motorsports, the monitors are a perfect transition from sports on the road to “sports” in the living room. For AOC it will be a stylish add-on to their broad history of design products, this time within the gaming portfolio.

“Porsche Design offers an exclusive range of consumer electronic products and gaming is one of the fastest growing markets in this sector. Gaming monitors perfectly fit into our portfolio of technically inspired lifestyle products and we are excited to collaborate with such a strong and well-established partner as AOC, one of the top global brands in the display market,” says Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Design.

“We are proud and excited about collaborating with such a fantastic partner like Porsche Design. Their design heritage goes perfectly with our state-of-the-art display technology. We believe together, thanks to our terrific and completely unique monitors, we can provide gamers all over the world with an unrivalled gaming experience,” adds Nico Vernieuwe, SVP Branded Business at TPV Technology.

Further news about the upcoming Porsche Design monitors will be released in the near future.