The new Qphoto mobile app for iOS® is available now! Easily browse, upload, download and share photos stored on the QNAP NAS with your iPhone or iPad devices on the go.

Install Qphoto now to quickly search for photos by dates or tags, flexibly browse photos and videos via timeline, thumbnails, lists and folders; instantly upload/download media to/from a QNAP NAS and easily share photos by email or social networks.

With the support for the CloudLink remote access service, you can browse photos and videos on the QNAP NAS even when you are away from home or office.

The new Qphoto supports iOS devices with iOS 7 (and newer). To fully enjoy Qphoto’s complete features, please upgrade your QNAP NAS firmware to QTS 4.2 (or newer) and install Photo Station (version 5.0 or newer) from the QTS App Centre.

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