Last time we looked at a headset from Roccat, they were nice enough to send us their CROSS Multi-Platform Gaming Headset.  Today, we will be taking a look at the Khan Pro headset which is similar to the cross but has new and updated features. Roccat is known for offering some amazing value for money peripherals. Coming in at around £65 at the time of review, the Khan Pro is one of their latest offerings in the headset market. While the Khan Pro looks familiar to other Roccat headsets, it will be interesting to see what is different and if these differences add any performance gains.

The Khan Pro is a lightweight headset designed to offer good sound at a decent price-point. While lightweight, the Khan Pro is still durable enough to meet the demand of most gamers. While they will break if thrown down and stomped on, they can take a quick swiping off the head without having to worry about them breaking. While I don’t suggest this, it is always nice to know your peripherals can take a little bit of a beating from time to time. I know gamers are very patient and don’t rage at all, but you never know what may happen! Jokes aside, the Khan Pro looks like a decent little headset on paper and if Roccat has stayed true to themselves, it should perform fairly well. So, let’s take a quick look at the Tech Specs before we get into a closer look at the headset itself.


kgan pro

Closer Look


On the front of the box, we have a nice image of the headset itself. There are a couple of important points that are brought to our attention such as the ultra-comfortable design, 95-degree rotation and the Hi-Res Audio.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review


On tot he back of the box and we can see the features the Khan pro have to offer in numerous languages. We can also see the rotation of the earcup in the image. While the rotating earcups may not be a massive deal to some, they do help make the Khan Pro a bit easier to pack in a bag or backpack should you travel with them.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 1

Inside the box, along with the headset is an information document and there is also an adapter to make the two 3.5mm audio jacks into a single jack for connections with your mobile phone and/or gaming console.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 2

Roccat has added some branding to the outside of each earcup. The left earcup has the Roccat Khan text on it while the right had the Roccat logo on it. All the branding is a light grey colour which while easily visible, isn’t overpowering and adds a nice touch to the headset.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 3

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 4

The mic is moveable and can be placed up and out of the way or down so it can be used. The mic offers a good clear sound, or so I have been told. I used the mic during a couple of games and asked my teammates how it sounded and all the feedback I got was good. While they added a few choice words to the end, they mostly all said that “you sound fine bro”! Having a good mic in the gaming community is now more important than it previously has been. With almost all multiplayer games these days allowing audio chat and with apps like Discord, Skype and the likes, it is important for people on the other end to be able to hear you clearly.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 5 roccat khan pro gaming headset review 9

On the top of the headband is a bit more Roccat branding.  Overall, I think Roccat have done a good job with the branding on the Khan Pro. I also imagine that the top of the headband would look a bit strange if it was just a solid black colour. While not everyone may be a fan of branding, when done properly it does look nice and offer a little something more to the product.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 6

The inside of the headband has a decent amount of padding in it. This allows the headset to be quite comfortable for longer periods of use. I have used this headset for a good couple weeks now and used it for 3-5 hours some nights and never had any discomfort. The Khan pro isn’t designed to be a big and bulky headset so the smaller amount of padding bodes well with the overall design and is just enough to offer the comfort you will want when wearing the Khan Pro headset.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 8

The padding on the earcups is also not overly done. Again, it is enough to offer good comfort without making the headset look overly bulky. Roccat has gone with memory foam to help pad the earcups and make sure you can enjoy your favourite games for hours on end.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 7

Braided cables are all the rage these days! Roccat hasn’t let us down in the aspect and as mentioned earlier, they have included a converter cable that takes the two 3.5mm audio jacks and turns them into a single 3.5mm audio jack for use with mobile phones and consoles.

roccat khan pro gaming headset review 11


Performance and Design

The Roccat Khan Pro headset offers both good comfort and performance. During my testing, I used the headset for watching movies, listening to music and quite a bit of Gaming! I even like to listen to music while gaming and the Khan Pro was perfect for that. Playing music while gaming can be a bit hit and miss with headsets sometimes as it doesn’t always work out and normally the music overpowers the headset. However, with the Khan Pro, this did not happen and it was easy to find a happy medium where I could hear my music and still make sure I could hear all the in-game sounds as well. Games like Overwatch and Battlefield are great with a bit of music but for those into things like CS:GO you may want to turn the music off for a bit. Speaking of CS:GO, the Khan Pro headset did a good job of letting me hear my enemy even when he was trying to be all “Sneaky Beaky Like”. As mentioned earlier, the mic is more than good enough for gaming and offers a nice clear sound from what I was told during my testing period. Overall, I can’t fault the performance and the design is equally on point. Roccat has done a great job at making the Khan Pro a well-rounded headset that offers comfort and performance while remaining lightweight and pleasing to look at. The Khan Pro is comprised of quality components and it shows!


The Khan Pro is currently selling for around £65 here in the U.K. which is a great price for such a headset. Not only is it multi-platform compatible, including mobile phones it had a great design and is quite comfortable. Roccat is great at offering budget-friendly peripherals that perform and look well without having to cheap out or compromise on quality. For the price, you really can’t go wrong and if you are in the market for a headset that offers multi-platform compatibility, you will definitely want to look into the Khan Pro and see if it is the one for you.

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