It seems like DDR4 has ruled the roost forever. Finally, new motherboards and architectures have allowed memory to grow wings with the advent of DDR5. Improved clock speeds promise up to twice the bandwidth of DDR4, all with lower voltage for better efficiency. To further help with that last bit, DDR5 has on-board power management to reduce motherboard cost and complexity. This is particularly nice for all-new, powerful laptops and embedded devices.


Reliability has also been improved by the introduction of on-die error-correction technology. Memory availability is improved by splitting the internal 64-bit (72-bit with ECC) channel into two independent, 32-bit channels (40-bit with ECC) and the addition of the same bank refresh. Combined with other features, including those that allow for up to four times the module capacity with consumer DRAM, DDR5 ensures your multi-core CPU won’t be memory starved. You can pack more memory than ever into your portable machine and take it on the go.


Sabrent DDR5 comes in both DIMM and SO-DIMM form factors to help the user out, whether using a desktop, laptop, or other embedded device. These kits meet JEDEC standards to ensure compatibility and reliability. Sabrent is offering a wide range of capacities at an affordable price to make upgrading an easy choice – even the installation process is easy.


  • Sabrent Rocket DDR5 SODIMM:
  • DDR5 SODIMM-4800 MHz/CL40
  • SB-DDR5S-8G
  • SB-DDR5S-16G
  • SB-DDR5S-32G

They come in one, two, and four packs.