You’re ready for something new. Sabrent is here to deliver. Sabrent’s freshest, super-fast SSD, the Rocket 5, is finally here.

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The popular Rocket 4 Plus and gaming-inspired Rocket 4 Plus-G pushed the limits of what was once possible. Now, you can transcend with full PCIe 5.0 bandwidth, enjoying transfer speeds of up to 14 GB/s to supercharge your workflow. Cutting-edge games, high-end applications, and large-project file operations will never be the same again. Enhance your desktop experience with a carefully designed, DirectStorage-optimized storage solution made with your valuable time in mind.

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The latest reviews of our Rocket 5 2TB and 4TB show benchmarks that top the charts and usher in a new era of speed for gamers and content creators.

Sabrent Rocket 5 4TB SSD Review – Sabrent’s PCIe Gen5 rocketship is ready for launch (

Specifications for our new Rocket 5 SSDs are listed below. Don’t be surprised if you go Faster !

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All this speed requires careful balance and control. Sabrent has informed that they have made sure to include an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional heatsink that will make sure your drive never throttles. The combination of top-grade, thermally conductive materials and an efficient dual-heat pipe design help maintain the Rocket 5 within an ideal temperature zone. The good looks and rugged durability are pleasant side effects. For work or play, they want you to have the fastest and most stable SSD possible. They’ve engineered the Rocket 5 to be exceptional in older systems, too, so you can enjoy top-tier performance starting today.

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You can pre-order the new PCIe 5 NVMe SSDs by clicking here.

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