The iGaming industry is experiencing huge levels of growth, largely driven by exciting innovations and groundbreaking technology. By the time 2030 rolls around, Grand View Research estimates that the online gambling market will reach a value of around $153.57 billion, which should (hopefully) put into context that iGaming is here to stay. 

Now, 2024 is here. Instead of slowing down, iGaming innovations and tech are speeding up, with lots of exciting trends set to send shockwaves through the industry this year. Whether you’re a casual player or part of an iGaming company, you’ll definitely want to learn more about them — and this guide has got you covered. 

What the Future of iGaming Looks Like 

🎁 Bigger Bonuses 

Online casinos and sportsbooks attract a big percentage of their customers through bonuses, from matched deposits to free spins. The bigger the bonuses, the more sign-ups you get. Generally, that’s how things work in the highly competitive iGaming industry, which is why the online casinos on Gamble-USA have boosted their bonus offerings. Now, players can get their hands on huge sign-up bonuses and more just for making deposits, which is a great sign of a future trend to come. 

🎲 More Live Casino Games

Ever since 2020, there’s been a huge increase in demand for live casino games, which is why most online casinos now offer them. Why are they so popular? Well, it’s largely to do with the fact that live casino games offer real-time interactions with dealers and other players. Providing you have an internet connection, microphone, and video camera, dealers can see you and you can see them. This creates a more genuine gambling experience that makes it feel like you’re actually inside a real casino, which is why live casino games are going to dominate the iGaming market over the next few years. 

🎉 The Rise of Social Casinos 

Online casinos encourage players to gamble with real money — but not everyone wants to do this. Instead, some players simply want to play casino games without real money or with virtual currencies. Ultimately, this has led to the rise of social casinos, and they’ve successfully filled a gap in the market. Now, millions of people are playing social casino games online without betting real money, so you can expect this innovative concept to keep attracting bigger audiences moving forward. 

📱 Mobile Play and the Future of iGaming 

People are ditching PCs so that they can gamble online using their mobiles. Essentially, it’s the start of the mobile gaming boom

  • 26% of people around the world gamble online (Gitnux)
  • 58% of online gambling activity is done through mobile (Gitnux) 

From iPhone users to Android users, the majority of online gamblers are now gambling online via mobile, with many experts believing that this is the future of iGaming. After all, mobile gambling enables you to gamble on-the-go from any location, so there are now restrictions involved. 

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see that the future of iGaming is bright. New innovations and technologies are taking the industry to the next level, whether it’s people interacting with live dealers through their device cameras or bigger bonuses attracting more players than ever to start gambling online. There’s a lot to love about this, so keep a close eye on what’s to come.