Losing data can be very embarrassing. This is because files or any helpful information you store on your computer or any external storage devices is critical as personal or business data. However, the good news is that several tools have been invented to help solve this issue, and EaseUS Data Recovery is among the best data recovery software to use. 

EaseUS Data Recovery offers a simple way to recover lost data from several devices and scenarios. The app is supported on all the newest versions of Windows and macOS, and you can easily use it to recover several types of deleted files. 

Although there are more EaseUS alternatives to consider, we will discuss the top category only. But first, let’s look at the key features and some of the disadvantages of EaseUS Data Recovery software. 

Key Features

  • Can create a bootable USB drive to help you recover your computer when the system crashes
  • Supports several file types
  • Flexible filters
  • File preview
  • Free version with up to 2GB data recovery 


  • Expensive lifetime license 
  • Limited preview options
  • Mac version is not included in the lifetime license
  • Annoying pop-ups prompt you to upgrade
  • Cannot scan Android and iOS devices 

Are EaseUS Alternatives Necessary?

As much as the software comes with a free version, there are many cases where you may need to look for other alternatives with advanced features to recover your lost files. 

Alternatives For EaseUS Data Recovery

For the reasons mentioned above, it stands out that one would need to use other available data recovery options, the best of which is discussed below. 

  • Disk Drill 

Disk Drill data recovery software is the best alternative to EaseUS data recovery. The software has a free version similar to the EaseUS data recovery app but brings much more versatile features to make your data recovery process seamlessly effortless. 

Disk Drill by CleverFiles can recover up to a range of 400 file formats from a diversity of storage devices. It is an intuitive process that you can operate efficiently with any prior expert knowledge. 

The software also supports several languages, including English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Malay, among many languages.

In addition, CleverFiles offers a 50% Off competitive discount that enables users of other licensed data recovery software to purchase the Pro version at half the price. 

You can read a complete Disk Drill review here for more information about pricing and other features. Let’s look at the data recovery process with Disk Drill. 

Step 1: Download and install the software

This is the very first step with any data recovery software. Download Disk Drill and install it using a different drive than the one with the missing files. 

Step 2: Select the disk to recover

Now select the disk where the lost files were in and click the “Recover” button to initiate the scanning process. 

Step 3: Preview and select the files

As the software allows you to preview the files, you can restore them, select only the files you intend to recover. 

Step 4: Recover the files

Choose the files and folders to be restored and click the “Recover” button a second time. This will get all the selected files back to their original locations on the drive. 

Why Disk Drill?

  • You can perform a quick scan to recover files more rapidly 
  • Uses advanced scanning algorithms to recover lost files on damaged storage devices
  • It supports hundreds of file formats, making it efficient
  • You can save the results of scans for later analysis
  • You can pause a scan and resume it later
  • It has powerful recovery abilities
  • It poses the ability to search lost partitions
  • Available for Mac OS X
  • Ease to use (Intuitive user interface)
  • Recover any disk-based storage device up to 500MB of data for free (Windows)

Cons Of Disk Drill

  • It comes with an average scan speed
  • It does not support phone
  • TestDisk

This another good alternative for EaseUS data recovery. The tool is available for free and can be used on macOS, Linux, DOS and Windows.  

Why is TestDisk a good alternative?

  • It discourages data overwriting once data is lost. Avoid restarting your computer or further using it.
  • Gives best results if you use the recovery tool the soonest.
  • Always look the best recovery tool based on its features, recovery rate, ease of use, compatibility among other parameters. 
  • Supports creation of bootable medium and allows for recovery on even crashed systems
  • Supports recovery from data backups. 


  • Available for freely 
  • Supports a wide range of OSs


  • Has a low recovery rate
  • Does not offer file preview 
  • TogetherShare

TogetherShare as another alternative to EaseUS that offers reliable and cost-effective recovery options for PC. Besides, it can be used to recover all types of data such as emails, documents, photos, videos, etc. 

TogetherShare is easy to use and will help you recover files and folders in three simple steps. Also, the software supports various file systems including NTFS 5, ext 3, etc. 

Key features include:

  • Supports data recovery from multiple storage devices
  • Retrieves lost data even from power failures, virus infection, logical error, etc. 
  • One enterprise license can be used on unlimited PCs. 

So, What Is The Best Alternative For EaseUS Data Recovery?

Considering the many available software for data recovery and the many alternatives to EaseUS, Disk Drill still stands out as the best alternative in the market. This is due to the many features offered, among other key benefits.