There is a good probability that you have used a QR code for some transactions at some point in your life. Thanks to the impact of technology, these unique artistic codes are now also making their way into the realm of online gambling. When QR codes were first introduced in 2011, they were a very odd way to make payments. They have, nevertheless, shown to be reliable and secure.

Users of compatible apps can utilise the no-contact payment method to make purchases by scanning specific black-and-white square patterns. After that, you can input the payment amount and press “Submit” to finish the transaction. Today, every online casino in Australia allows the use of QR codes, and we have all the information you need to learn more about them. This article provides a comprehensive guide on everything necessary to know about casino platforms that accept QR codes and their specific uses.

Introduction to QR Codes

As you must have noticed, QR codes are now present in our daily lives. They are beneficial in areas other than making real money payments when using online casino platforms. For instance, scanning a QR code can provide further information about a product. At a tourist spot, you can also make a quick scan to get a map or some information about the place.

Quick Response (QR) codes are used to access information, make payments, and even watch movies, like Casino by Martin Scorsese. Most products in Australia have them in the form of barcodes. The code, in this instance, contains encrypted data that distinguishes one item from another. Your smartphone’s app reads a QR code to process payments at online casinos, and this is possible only when you scan and decode the black horizontal lines on the display. 

Today, QR codes are getting more and more common. They are used for a variety of things, including promotions and making it easier to play at online dollar deposit casinos. Hence, the best online casino platforms in Australia can make it simpler for gamers to access their games by using QR codes. Additionally, they can maximise print media marketing by using them as a quick advertisement method. In other words, QR codes can be entertaining, interactive, and actionable, depending on the area of interest.

The table below presents the top 10 applications for QR codes as determined by the database of QR TIGER worldwide in 2022. The statistics run from top to bottom based on how often they are being used.

Mode of Application Percentage in Use (%)
URL 46.3%
File 31.4%
Vcard 7.1%
Social Media 3.7%
HTML 2.8%
Mp3 2.5%
Menu 2.2%
YouTube 1.1%
Appstore 1.0%
Facebook 0.7%

According to the data on QR code usage, 46% of all dynamic QR codes issued for the first half of 2022 were URL-redirected QR codes, which is only reasonable given that QR codes are typically used to connect visitors to web links.

Applications of QR Codes in the Gambling Industry

QR codes are being utilised in many ways in the casino gambling industry. Further, we will discuss some of its major applications.

QR Codes in Mobile and Online Casinos

For mobile slots in Australia, a QR code, popularly referred to as an enhanced barcode, is a black-and-white square matrix. It can be compared to a link, and any smartphone can easily scan them. In other words, you may connect a QR code to information on a real money gambling site URL and a text. They are hence “quick response” codes, as their name implies. 

Then, the information inside would automatically be encoded after the scanning process. There is an optimised program that is installed on the desktop or computer screen of registered users for displaying casino QR codes. Visitors can instantly download these casino games on their smartphones by simply positioning their cameras and capturing them within seconds.

As a prelude to the uses of QR codes in online casinos, we would outline three ways players in Australia can use them below:

  • To play online slots on your mobile phone at online casinos, use QR codes.
  • To fill your bet account at online casinos, it is simple to use your mobile device to make payments.
  • Casinos may maximise their print media campaigns by using QR codes. This means gaming sites use them for entertaining, interactive, and actionable promos. 

Other significant ways that QR codes can be used in mobile casinos are discussed further.

For Making Payments 

Among the most prevalent applications for QR codes in Australia is payment. Scanning a QR code to complete a transaction is safe, dependable, simple, and fast. Worldwide online casinos now accept QR code payments. Paying is as simple as scanning the 2D barcode for players.

For Quick Downloads of Mobile Games

The other is using your mobile device to navigate the online casino. Casinos connect the QR code to the URL of their website. The players will arrive directly on the mobile site after scanning.


Many online casinos also connect their apps to QR codes, which direct you to the app start page for download. For instance, suppose you intend to visit the slot review site to discover the best online casino platforms that offer slots in Australia; you may use a QR code to sign in and download if the site makes a provision for that. This will allow you to access their top-notch slot review, understand the sites with the best no deposit bonus codes in Australia 2023, reliable payment methods, and more.

For Promotions

QR codes are frequently used in marketing. This is due to the fact that print media marketing can be made interactive, engaging, trackable, and actionable with QR codes.

Therefore, these codes can greatly enhance a casino’s marketing strategy through display on several print media. Here are two main ways these promotions are put to good use:

  • To support app downloads
  • To increase site traffic

Casino Deposits With QR Codes

Utilising a QR code to deposit real money is really easy. To begin with, you must choose a mode of payment that accepts QR codes. Set up an account with a casino site that permits QR code payments next, then adhere to these instructions to add money to your account.

After logging in, go to the main menu’s cashier section. To view all of the platform’s funding possibilities, click on casino deposits. Select between a bank transfer or a QR code for your casino payment. Another section will appear where you must select your preferred bank. Enter the sum you want to deposit after that.

Following that, select QR payment. With this, a QR code will load. All you have to do is use your mobile app for banking to scan the code. Review the information supplied once again, then approve the transaction. You can as well follow these step-by-step procedures: 

  1. Join the best payout online casino platform.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Register with your account.
  4. Select “Payment” from the casino website menu.
  5. Selecting QR codes or bank transfers.
  6. Choose the bank of your choice.
  7. Put the amount you wish to put here.
  8. Choose QR payment.
  9. Utilise your mobile device to scan the QR code.
  10. Review your information, then approve the transaction.

Casino Withdrawal With QR Codes

In terms of withdrawals, QR codes are grouped with other “unorthodox” payment options like coupons and prepaid cards. This means that since the QR code doesn’t permit casino withdrawals, you will need to find a different way to cash out your winnings. Your best course of action in this situation will be a bank transfer. 

QR Code Payment Bonuses

It is interesting to know that QR code casinos offer a diverse selection of bonuses and promotions, including as welcome bonuses, no deposit bonus offers, rollover bonuses, free spins, crypto bonuses, etc. Keep in mind that they don’t offer any unique QR code benefits.

chips dice card

It would be best if you took the time to study the terms and conditions that come with a particular online casino incentive in order to learn about the minimum deposit criteria, wagering requirements, validity duration, free slot games, etc.

Players can anticipate no deposit bonus offers in addition to the foregoing perks. There is no deposit necessary, and it is a great bonus for new players. Once you deposit money at the casino website, you receive this casino bonus. A deposit is necessary for some other perks, such as cash-back bonuses, deposit bonuses, and reload bonuses.

QR Code Payment Fees and Limits

Players must go to their casino’s T&Cs or banking websites to learn more about the limitations. This may include the minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal amounts. The amount you can send and receive is occasionally constrained by the payment methods supporting QR code payments. This frequently relates to confirmed and unverified accounts.

scan qr code

Regarding the costs, once again, the amount you pay when depositing money will depend on your desired payment method. However, it’s important to be aware that the best online casino sites impose withdrawal fees that represent a proportion of the requested amount. Visit the transactions page for further details to be sure about this.

How to Create QR Codes

You will need an online QR code generator application, like Scanova, that provides these categories in order to make QR codes for casino games to gamble from home. You can join up for a 14-day free trial right with this app, after which you can pick the category that best fits your needs.

You may easily print a QR code once you’ve created one on your marketing materials, such as flyers, brochures, and booklets. But in order to obtain the best outcomes, keep a few industry standards in mind before you start creating. Here are some of the practices to follow during creation:

  • Dynamic QR codes should be made. These advanced QR codes can be changed at any moment. Additionally, you may monitor QR code scanning activity with Dynamic QR codes. In other words, you can obtain analytical information depending on the time, place, city, browser, and machine that scanned your QR code.
  • Given that most casinos’ use cases are promotional, your QR code should have some design. In other words, by including colours, a logo, and a backdrop image, you can entirely brand them.
  • It’s usually a good idea to provide high-quality photos. The QR code picture should be exported in vector formats like EPS and SVG.


Modern players in Australia are quickly embracing QR code casinos. Their widespread acceptability is a result of how straightforward, safe, and convenient the entire process is. You can only currently fund your account using this method. Always remember to read the payment T&Cs to understand the restrictions and costs before signing up to use this method to play games at any online gaming site.