Are you looking for the best DNS servers for gaming in 2023? Whether you’re a casual or an experienced gamer, having the right DNS server can make a huge difference in your gaming performance. DNS (Domain Name System) is the system that changes domain names into IP addresses when you search the Internet, allowing you to access websites and other online resources. Faster DNS servers can reduce ping time and help you get the best gaming experience. Especially, whenever you search for best slots sites on the web, you may face problems regarding accessing your desired websites. Here come the DNS servers. So here in this article, we will discuss some of the best DNS servers in 2023, so you can make the most of your gaming experience. 

10 Best DNS Servers for Gaming in 2023

  • Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS is a free, fast, and secure Domain Name System (DNS) that is designed to speed up and secure internet connections. Cloudflare DNS is a global network of DNS servers distributed worldwide so that users can access websites from any location quickly and securely. 

It is also designed to protect users from malicious attacks and provide an additional security layer against hackers. Cloudflare DNS is a great option for gamers, as it offers faster loading times, lower ping times, and improved security for online gaming.

  • Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider. It functions as a recursive name server providing domain name resolution for any host on the Internet. It translates domain names to the corresponding IP address and vice versa, thus making it easier for you to access websites and other online resources.

 Google Public DNS is known for its fast response times and high performance, making it an ideal choice for gamers looking for an improved gaming experience. It reduces lag times and ping times, resulting in smoother online gaming. Additionally, Google Public DNS is free, secure, and easy to set up, allowing you to enjoy a reliable gaming experience with minimal effort.

  • Open DNS

Open DNS is a popular DNS service that provides an alternative to the Domain Name System. It offers several advantages over the traditional DNS system, such as faster speeds, improved reliability, and enhanced security. Open DNS also offers protection against malware, phishing, and online scams, as well as parental control options, making it an attractive choice for gamers. 

Additionally, Open DNS can be used with other DNS servers and is compatible with most operating systems. For gamers looking to get the most out of their online gaming experience, Open DNS is a great option.

  • Quad9

Quad9 is an example of a DNS service that offers players a secure gaming experience. It is a free and secure DNS service that blocks malicious websites and prevents players from accessing malicious content. Quad9 utilizes threat intelligence from over 19 threat intelligence partners to protect against the latest cyber threats. 

With Quad9, gamers can enjoy a secure and uninterrupted gaming experience without fear of malware or viruses. Quad9 also offers players a fast and reliable connection, which makes online gaming much more enjoyable.

  • Clean Browsing

Clean Browsing is a family-friendly DNS service that provides users with a secure and fast internet experience free from malicious and adult content. It is designed to protect children from potentially harmful content and helps to improve the overall gaming experience. Clean Browsing routes your traffic through its DNS servers, which are optimized for speed and security. This speeds up DNS lookups and reduces ping times, leading to smoother and more enjoyable gaming sessions. Clean Browsing is a great choice for gamers who want a safe and speedy gaming experience.

  • Verisign DNS

Verisign DNS is a popular choice for gamers looking to improve their gaming experience. It offers a secure, reliable, and high-performance DNS service that helps to reduce latency and improve the overall gaming experience. It is also backed by 

Verisign’s 24/7 global technical support team, which helps ensure your gaming experience is uninterrupted and optimized. Verisign DNS is a great choice for gamers looking for a reliable DNS service to enhance their gaming experience.

  • Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is a free DNS service that helps users protect their online activities from malicious threats. It provides added security by blocking malicious websites, phishing sites, and other security risks. Norton ConnectSafe also helps speed up your web browsing by routing traffic through its servers. With Norton ConnectSafe, gamers can experience faster loading times and a smoother online gaming experience. It also offers various levels of protection depending on the user’s needs, such as blocking malicious websites, providing parental controls, and more.

  • Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is a reliable, secure, fast DNS provider that helps improve gaming performance by optimizing your connection to the game server. It provides enhanced security against malicious attacks and reduces the risk of DNS hijacking attempts. In addition, its global network of DNS servers ensures that you are always connected to the closest server, thus reducing ping times and improving your overall gaming experience.

  • Yandex DNS

Yandex DNS is a free public Domain Name System (DNS) owned by Yandex, a Russian internet company. Yandex users use it to access websites and other internet resources. Yandex DNS provides a fast and secure connection and is available for desktop and mobile users. It is easy to set up and offers many features, including parental controls and malware protection. Yandex DNS can improve your gaming experience by lowering ping time, providing faster speeds, and reducing lagging. Furthermore, it also offers a ‘safe mode’ which blocks malicious websites and suspicious downloads.

  • Level3 DNS

Level3 DNS is a reliable and fast DNS service provided by Level3 Communications, a large telecommunications and internet service provider. It is a popular choice among gamers due to its high-speed performance, providing fast DNS queries and a low ping time. Level 3 ensures that users will always receive a stable connection to the game server, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. Furthermore, Level 3 DNS offers security features such as protection from malicious websites and a secure connection to the game server. With its fast speed, excellent security features, and stability, Level 3 DNS is an ideal choice for gamers looking to improve their gaming experience.


DNS servers are important for having a better gaming experience, as they lower your ping time. The 10 best DNS servers for gaming in 2023 are Google DNS, Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 DNS, OpenDNS, Clear Browsing, Verisign DNS, AdGuard DNS, Comodo Secure DNS, Norton ConnectSafe, and Yandex DNS. Using any of these DNS servers will help improve your gaming experience and provide a smoother online gaming experience.