Mobile gaming is one of the great tech phenomena of the past decade. Who could have predicted a generation ago that practically every adult would be carrying a phone but that making phone calls would be an almost incidental function? The average user has 80 apps on his or her phone. Yes, there’s banking, email, social media, and so on, but the most common category of apps we download to our handsets? It’s games by a country mile.

We’re all gamers these days, and that’s not just because mobile games are so easily accessible. Even those of us now in our early 50s were brought up around video games. Like movies or music, we all have our favorites, and these are often the ones we remember from our younger years. If your top all-time movies are the likes of Forrest Gump or Pretty Woman and you love listening to Green Day and the Manic Streat Preachers in the car, these retro gaming experiences for Android will take you back to those glory years of the early 1990s.

SEGA Forever

The world’s most famous hedgehog gained new audiences in 2020 with his big screen return. But anyone whose prized teenage possession was a SEGA Genesis or Mega Drive will have spent hundreds of hours jumping, rolling, and collecting those gold rings. SEGA Forever recaptures the magic of the early 1990s, bringing not only Sonic the Hedgehog but a whole pile of other classic titles. These include Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and several others that will take you back to the days before the internet, social mobile phones, and social media.

Mobile casino

SEGA will resonate with a highly specific age group. But casino gaming has been around for decades and the classic games, such as roulette, blackjack and traditional three-reel slots are about as retro as you can get. There are literally dozens of mobile casinos you can run from your Android. Some have native apps, while others run straight from your web browser. It’s worth doing a little research to find the best mobile casino, as you can get some great welcome bonuses on joining. Gamble Online’s comparison and review site at is a good place to start. 


DOOM is arguably the precursor and inspiration behind the first-person shooters like Overwatch and Call of Duty that dominate modern eSport. DOOM was inspired by a combination of the Dungeons and Dragons game that was so popular in the 1980s, combined with movies like Alien and Evil Dead. 

DOOM was released in December 1993 and the sequel appeared on shelves less than a year later. Both Android ports are faithful to the originals, and if you remember them from the first time around, you’ll know they are not wildly different from one another. Either one is worth the $5 price tag to a retro gaming enthusiast, although it’s probable that only the obsessive completists will want to push the boat out and buy both.