To satisfy users’ increasing sophisticated need for USB 3.0 data transfer and fast charging of mobile devices, SilverStone created the EP03, a smart USB 3.0 hub. It has four USB 3.0 ports with a digital power meter display that can monitor each port’s voltage and current output. Compliant with USB power delivery specification 1.2 (BC 1.2), the EP03 is capable of providing up to 2A from one single USB port for fast charging supported mobile devices. In addition, built-in protection mechanism ensures the EP03 can deliver power evenly and safely according to the number or the state of battery charge of connected devices. All of these nifty power delivery characteristics can be seen in real time via its power meter so user has complete knowledge of all connected mobile devices’ power draw state at any time. This is also useful for checking if a new/replacement charging cable is up to spec compared with the original one! 


Special Features: 

■ Integrated display for monitoring voltage and current

■ Supports current up to 2A for each USB port

■ Provides four 5Gbps Super Speed USB 3.0 USB ports

■ High quality brushed aluminum design

■ Supports over voltage and over current protection

■ Includes AC adapter for stable power delivery

■ Compliant with USB power delivery specification 1.2

You can find further information here:

Attached are eDM file and photos for your reference.

The recommended End User price (excl. VAT): $33 USD

The EP03 will be available on 18.12.2015.