A fully integrated, performance-packed, open-loop liquid cooling kit that’s easy to expand, customize and install. A uniquely designed pump that directly connects to the reservoir saves space and improves efficiency, while custom fan and radiator technology, robust components and a wide range of upgrade options make this the cooling kit for both advanced assemblers and liquid lovers seeking to graduate to DIY.

Premier Cooling
A powerful pump capable of shifting up to 600 liters per hour fits directly to the reservoir, providing the option to eliminate unnecessary tubing for a super-efficient, shortened loop that saves space and cools components to an unprecedented degree.

Supreme Flexibility
Build and arrange your reservoir, pump and tubing in a variety of combinations, right down to the interior arrangement of the reservoir, which you can fill with any coolant you choose. Even the radiator is specially designed to be as easy as possible to connect to the reservoir tubing.

FreeForm Compatibility
Easy to install and reposition within your MasterCase with no need to mod.

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