Living in the digital era has brought many changes to the world and life as we know it. We have new technology pouring in every 24 hours. So, now students can use these new blessings to study better. Here are some terrific tips to support your education like never before.

Managing Time:

Managing time has been the biggest challenge for students forever. They have part-time jobs, classes, assignments, and social life. It rarely works out for them, and one thing always suffers like never before. However, here are some technology tips for students to do it better.


There are plenty of calendar apps out there that you can use. Sometimes these digital calendars come as features in new phones too. You can set up timely reminders whenever you want and see how the tool notifies you when the date starts approaching. There is no way you will ever forget about an upcoming event because you have a walking calendar with you at all times. If you want to learn more about such features but don’t have the time due to lengthy assignments, you can always hire an essay writer on EduJungles.

Tasks Manager

It is so tough to handle everything by yourself. Well, not to worry. There is a tasks manager that will support study skills a lot. It will keep showing you all the tabs and features running on your laptop. It will also show you the amount of space each file or part occupies. You can even view frozen programs through this task manager—no need to confuse yourself going back and forth between tabs and files.

Always Save Your Files to The Cloud Storage:

Storage is a huge problem these days. There is plenty of data, and files take up much space in devices. Laptops and mobile phones can’t always support the data. If you think you can get USBs and store this data there, it doesn’t work. You might end up losing these USBs, or imagine if your laptop crashes. What to do now? Go for Cloud storage, of course!

Google Drive

Google Drive is super secure and gives you access to your files across any device. 

  • You can edit all your documents and save the changes using the internet. Technology help study is one of the best things out there; 
  • Google Drive makes it ten times better. It is easy to use, and you can find all your files appropriately lined on your screen; 
  • If there is a group assignment that you have in hand, you can always give access to multiple people and work on the same document simultaneously. Wow! 


Something similar to Google Drive, Dropbox is here to help people get rid of their data storage problems. Yes, you can store large files here and access them wherever you use the internet. The only thing is that you can’t make any changes to these files unless you download them.


iCloud also helps you free up some space on your devices by allowing you to store your crucial files and other data without the fear of losing it. Oh, and the catch is you don’t have to pay a dime for it. It’s a free space by Apple, so save as much as you want. You can also use it on windows through an app!

Organizing Your Information:

Storage isn’t the only task that can get on your nerves. Welcome the problems of organizing data. Instead of thinking about managing it, you can now rely on technology to help you out. Install these apps and see how they turn out to be game-changers for you! You will never resent organizing data again.

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Evernote understands your struggles to organize your notes. The sinking feeling when you lose your course notes is the worst. That is where Evernote enters your life to help you manage your memos, make lists, and store all your content in one app without the fear of losing it. Save it all and assign tags to it. When you need these notes, all you have to recall are these tags, and everything will be with you.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is perfect for writing and preparing all types of documents. It has plenty of tools, it is mobile friendly too, and you can even select designs and fonts of your choice. It indeed equates to a wonderful experience. The tool organizes every file with the name you choose and saves it in whichever folder you want!

Google Docs

Google Docs is just a replica of Microsoft word. You can easily upload and edit your files here. There is no struggle to save and edit or share the files with your friends or peers after ages. You all get to edit it all together and eliminate the coordination issues. Technology for students is undoubtedly reaching new heights.

Educational Websites:

There are many courses you don’t get to learn about in college. It is also possible that you’re studying a subject but don’t develop a firm grip over it in class; here are some websites and apps that can help you get over this use within seconds. 


Our student tips remain incomplete without the mention of Coursera. It is an excellent platform with plenty of online courses. Just pick one of your choices and start learning it all. Don’t worry, and you can blindly trust this platform as it has many users and partners with renowned universities and professors from around the globe.


MIT and Harvard have left no stone unturned to make education accessible to as many people as possible. One of these efforts is the technological platform, EDX which offers free education and courses to students worldwide. Find the courses that interest you and start studying. You will see how your knowledge enhances your research skills at every level.


Here is a platform that helps you gather information from different sources and bring it to a safe place. What a great way to get rid of the problems of remembering every site, every source, and every piece of information you come across. Imagine the time you can save and use it to relax or finish other tasks. It solves plenty of problems for you in no time.

Here are all the tips to help you use technology to help you study better. It can help you save up space, organize, keep track of your activities, and save notes too. Without further ado, you should rush and get your hands on these tools to make your life easier.