The advancement of technology is one of the best things to happen to education as students can take classes and do almost anything from the comfort of their homes. This advancement even solves one of the significant struggles students face — academic writing. Writing a good essay is not as easy as the rules appear, which is why many people would instead get a professional essay writer instead of doing it themselves.

Thankfully, technology has made essay writing easier thanks to various tools available for anyone to use. So if you would rather take on writing challenges yourself than get a third party to handle them for you, here are a couple of software programs to help you. 

  1. Grammarly

Editing and proofreading can sometimes be some of the most complex parts of essay writing. After spending hours working on an essay, you will need to spend more time finding the errors and ensuring your punctuation is correct. It’s even more frustrating when you realize that you omitted some errors.

However, you no longer have to go through all of that stress if you have Grammarly. This tool helps you to identify the mistakes in your piece of writing. It comes in handy when you write anything, from an argumentative essay to a persuasive essay. When trying to convince people of your point, you may get carried away and make many punctuation, spelling, and clarity errors which Grammarly will flag.

  1. The Hemingway app

When you want to submit a high-quality essay with a good readability grade, Hemingwayapp is the tool for you. It scans your text and produces a readability grade, indicating how smooth your article is to a reader. On this tool, the lower the graded number, the better your paper is. It also flags the excessive use of:

  • adjectives (because when there are too many in your essay, it makes your message appear weak)
  • passive voice (because it’s better to write in active voice since it gives your message more authority)
  • hard-to-read sentences
  • very hard-to-read sentences (as your audience will prefer an essay with simple words and high value to one where you show off by using complicated sentences)

One of the good things about The Hemingway App is that it’s free to use. Also, you can access the tool from any device, making it an ideal resource for every student.

  1. Plagiarism checkers

In academic writing, plagiarism is something you should avoid at all costs. Except you plan on citing a piece of content, then you should never copy and paste anything from the internet. However, there are times when we plagiarize without knowing, so plagiarism checkers are available to help us be more thorough.

Plagiarism checkers go through every part of your text and flag parts that you may have plagiarized or paraphrased. There are many free checkers, although those with a subscription plan are more convenient. For example, the free tools often limit the number of times you can use them in a day or how many words you can scan at once. 

  1. Citation machine

You should credit the author when you use a phrase, sentence, or excerpt word-for-word from a book, movie, magazine, etc. You can get in legal trouble for copying information out of somebody’s work without giving them credit, which is why we recommend the Citation machine. It is one of the most straightforward citation tools to use.

Firstly, you can use it to cite information from any form of media. It is useful when you are working on an expository essay that requires many details. Secondly, if you purchase any of the subscription plans, you can use the tool to check for plagiarism. Finally, it allows you to cite information using any of the four citation styles. 

  1. Adobe PDF editor

You need a PDF editing tool when you are writing an essay as a 21st-century student. One of the best PDF editing tools — Adobe PDF Editor — belongs to the Adobe suite. You can use it to edit PDFs, sign, and share them effortlessly with the people in your group or your professor. It’s also helpful when working on a group essay because it gives everybody the chance to include their ideas. 


Academic writing is an inevitable part of your journey as a student, so it’s vital to ensure that you don’t fail in that aspect. But no matter how careful you are, there are errors that humans will miss, which is why you should use a writing tool to add the finishing touches to your articles. These tools have different functions, and some cost a few dollars, but they are worth it. So, take our word and invest in any academic writing tool to simplify your essay writing process.