Midjourney is an AI that transforms your text prompts into images. It is not the only bot on the market that performs this. But it is one of the most developed ones. Midjourney is known for its aesthetically pleasing images. However, it does not mean that it can recreate a human design that comes into art.

Midjourney could be seen as a threat to design students’ career prospects. But it could be useful with the right intention. Nonetheless, it is helpful to know the pros and cons of this AI to implement it wisely into your practice. Thus, here are six advantages and flaws of Midjourney for design students. 

Chaos in the Trial Version

One of the main cons of Midjourney is its trial version. Even though it’s known for being quite user-friendly, the free trial chatbot is complete chaos. Primarily, it is so since you’re filling your request alongside everyone else in the chat. Thus, you constantly see hundreds of messages with images popping up on the screen.

It is an extremely overwhelming experience and might prompt you to stop your journey in the middle of it altogether. So, you might just turn to cheap dissertation writing services like https://dissertation-service.com/cheap-dissertation to get some papers off your hands and focus on design assignments. As a student, you have enough stress to deal with already.

And hundreds of messages in the confusing trial chat might not be the most relaxing experience. Thus, to get to your personal Midjourney, you’d need to pay your first 10 dollars. But the trial experience is not good in convincing you to do so. 

Focus on Aesthetics 

However, if you get through the trial version, there is a great focus on the aesthetic pleasantry of the image that no other AI can offer. Midjourney takes into account complementary colors and proportions, choosing creativity over a technicality. 

Since its first version, Midjourney has improved to create less of an ornate and alien-like art — something that resembles human creativity. Even though it cannot create something as impactful as Starry Night, Midjourney is still more human-like than Dalle-2 or Craiyon.

krisztian tabori IyaNci0CyRk unsplash

More Complicated Access 

At the same time, you’d need to jump through more hoops to sign up for Midjourney. Other text-to-image software is web apps that are open to anyone. But Midjourney uses Discord, which is a messaging platform. Thus, you’d need to register with an email address and get on Discord.

That means you’d have to adjust to having things running on Discord. And it will take you more time than just searching for an AI and getting an open-access website. This feature could be a significant flaw if you’re not keen on signing up for social media that you’re using for one purpose only. 

See the Process 

Even though Midjourney takes longer to compose an image than other AI, it allows you to see the process itself. You can watch how the images are coming up together following your text prompt.

As a design student, you get more advantages than a regular user:

  • see how it adjusts colors and shapes;
  • watch how different variations of your image change.

Thus, you can notice how AI responds to your text prompt and try to deconstruct its “creative” thinking. 

No Edits 

Another downside of Midjourney is no edit option for the created image. All you can do with it is download it. Notably, other AIs like Dalle-2 allow editing images in the web app. Thus, it can be useful for mock-ups, especially when it comes to architecture and construction.

But with Midjourney, you’ll have to take editing somewhere else, creating additional tasks. Just imagine having to edit an essay after trusting the best assignment services to do an A+ paper. Does not sound very useful, does it? 

Quality Pictures

Still, Midjourney can offer one of the highest resolutions for the final picture. It goes up to the maximum resolution, while others often stop at 1024 x 1024. Thus, you can get the best quality image out of any variations created by the program.

The design student needs to work with proper tools and resolutions. It would be quite a toll finding an image editor to enhance your resolution. And with Midjourney, you can do it on the spot. 

Wrapping Up

That’s about it. Consider using Midjourney if you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing images, the possibility to watch the composition process, and the highest resolution of the end image. But you also might want to consider the stressful and chaotic trial experience, more complicated access, and no ways to edit the picture in the app.