Here are a few interesting facts. Online gambling is possible and based on technology. Technology is changing as we speak and will continue to change indefinitely. If we mix these two, we can see that certain technologies made online gambling special and even have changed it completely. Today we will explore 6 technologies that made this possible.

Data Modeling

This is one of the technologies that you will never really see but it is there and it is present at almost all online casinos. It has huge importance and it makes online gambling what it is today. In other words, this is a technology that monitors your gambling habit and desire. As such, online casinos can offer you precisely the games and bonuses alongside other things that you will want. The next time when you see recommended games and you like most of them, you can thank data modeling technology for that.

All we can add is that this is a technology that makes a massive difference. Players will want to gamble more and they will have better fun if they are happy and they get what they want. Data modeling does just that in numerous ways. 

It is developing still hence we can expect a much better result in the future. Experts believe that this tech will completely change online gambling and make it precisely unique and ideal for every gambler.

Live Dealer American Games

This is a technology that made online gambling more similar to land-based casinos than anything else. You can visit an online casino, go to the live dealer section and play a game with the help of a professional dealer. Live sections are popular on American casino sites which are listed here and you can find hundreds of such tables where both US and UK players prefer to play. What this means is that you get almost the same experience as in a real casino and you can communicate, watch the game and so much more. 

This technology is becoming more appealing, more commonly used, and better. All games are paired with high-definition quality and have professional dealers. These games are streamed from studios all over the world hence you can imagine the appeal. Although many software developers have been developing them, some like Megaways or Evolution Gaming specialize in live dealer games and are known as leaders. 


GTT actually stands for Geolocation Tracking Technology and it is another technology that has a huge effect on online gambling. The lack of a better word, this technology allows online casinos to offer games where they want and don’t accept players who shouldn’t play at that casino. For instance, if players from one country want to play at a casino in another, but the law doesn’t allow that, GTT will ban the request. In other words, this tech makes gambling safer for players and casinos. 


We all know that VR stands for virtual technology and it is being developed as we speak. We already have countless examples out there. What this means is that you can put on your headset and almost be inside the casino. This technology should definitely change our future for the best, as there are millions of people who can find benefits in it. You can walk across the lobby, play games like you are sitting at a table, talk to other people and so much more. 

The simple explanation would be you can visit a casino from the comfort of your home and do almost anything you like with the help of a headset and the internet. But, you don’t have to travel, pay for accommodation or anything like that. Now you can imagine why this technology is so appealing and changes online gambling and shapes it into something much better. 

Cyber Security

Yes, this is another technology that you can’t see. It is complicated to explain for the lack of a more appropriate word. All you need to know is that all casinos use this and many similar technologies in order to ensure safer gambling. What this means is that you can play at the casino without any risk of losing your data or money. Without the technology in question, a hacker could steal your money or data which is not interesting. 

Mobile Gambling

There is no need to add that mobile gambling and gaming are more popular than ever before. Some people claim that over 60% of gamblers use smartphones for gambling every single day. The numbers are increasing due to obvious reasons. This form of online gambling is easier, more convenient, and more appealing in general. You can play at any given moment, even when you are not at home. Gambling in this form is safe, has all the benefits you can imagine, and works better than you may expect.

One of the reasons for all of that is the technology that made this possible. All websites are nowadays mobile friendly. All games are developed in HTML5 technology. This means that they can be run on any operating system and on any device and they will run perfectly. Old games are being optimized and changed as well. More and more popular titles can be played on any smartphone or tablet.

We must add that mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are not that common. These have been replaced with mobile-friendly websites hence there is no need to use an app.

The Final Word

These technologies made online gambling special, and popular and they are still transforming it. What this means is that thanks to these advancements online gambling is amazing and has all the right perks and benefits gamblers like and need. These are still changing as we speak and we believe that the future of online gambling will be even more special.