Think the eSport’s scene is growing at a rapid rate? Well then, you just may be right! Especially when people like the former CEO of ESPN are getting in on the fun. That’s right, former ESPN CEO is teaming up with Activision Blizzard to help create a new division dedicated to eSports. Our friends over at Polygon have a lot more information on this story which can be seen HERE.

They’ve also managed to get Mike Sepso who is a co-founder of MLG invested in the new eSports division and he had this to say “I’ve worked with Activision and Blizzard for many, many years and I’ve always been a big fan of the company. When a senior team presented this opportunity to me, it seemed like a chance to fulfill a lot of big goals.”

There really is no denying the recent boom in the popularity of eSports and companies from all walks of life are trying to get on board. From PornHub to HTC and all the big names in PC component and peripheral manufacturing, seems like all major companies are trying to make sure they get their piece of the pie by at least sponsoring a team or two if nothing else.

The thing I like best about eSports is it brings a vast amount of diversity to the table. Not only are there quite a few different genres of games be playing, such as RPG, MOBA, FPS and more, people with very different backgrounds may be interested in similar eSports events. There really is no telling what will happen with the eSports scene, even within the next couple of years. Anything is possible as it is growing at a phenomenal rate and seems as it will only get bigger.

SOURCE: Polygon