We all know that eSports are growing much faster than most people anticipated! So much in fact, that even ESPN has added a dedicated eSports tab to their website. This is a pretty big step and indication on the direction eSports, in general, are going! Recently, one of the world championships brought in a total of 380+ million viewers VIA the arena it was held and those watching online over the course of a weekend! I’m no expert but that is a huge turnout for any type of event, let alone one to do with video games! As eSports grow, more and more companies and people are investing money in it. We are seeing celebrities buying teams and a range of companies sponsoring or starting up their own teams.

Does it pay to be a professional gamer? Well, the answer is simple to me, it can pay, yes! However, you need to be very good and be on one of the top teams to make a living from it. In the internet age it is easy to get yourself out there and meet the right people but you will need dedication and will have to treat it like a full-time job if you want to be well off. Most eSports teams have regular 9-5 training and follow rigorous schedules to uphold their talent and status.

Either way you look at it, Professional Gaming is here and is not going anywhere anytime soon! There are loads of teams across loads of games and you can even play on your preferred device whether it’s a PS4, Xbox One or PC.

Here’s to seeing what 2016 can bring us in the world of eSports! Check out the ESPN eSports gaming page at http://espn.go.com/esports/