When starting to play D4, many players remember and use the skills from the previous parts, where little has changed for the main classes like mages and archers, but new players will have to put more effort in order to figure out the class.

Simplifies the task that the mage itself is a very popular class and known to all fans of online games. The concept of the character is the same – huge damage, weak defense, dependence on mana and a very high attack potential, especially in AoE.

But the Mage is an expensive class, requiring advanced weapons, high defense armor, offensive stats, and a high mana bar to effectively fight and level.

Often, for its development, you need to constantly clear dungeons and dungeons, find or buy valuable items for gold, and the currency itself can be bought from this website.

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The direction of the development of the magician

When you have firmly chosen and decided to play as a mage, you need to decide on the style and type of element that you will develop and support as part of the repeated passage of acts in Diablo 4, because you have to go through the game at least 3 times to get to the endgame, where you really get valuable equipment, weapons and PVP begins with other players and the battle with the top world bosses.

It all starts with choosing your element and the type of spells, where each branch has its pros and cons, but it’s worth saying right away that despite the wide selection of skills and abilities, you can always cancel the choice and retrain it again by paying a small amount of gold, which you can always farm on gaming locations.

Old players in the past parts of the Diablo series know what the wrong choice meant, and it doesn’t matter if it was conscious or accidental. You just got a corrupted character and there was nothing you could do about it, except to start playing again on a new hero.

In Diablo 4, everything is easier – you only need to pay a small amount and you can always cancel your decision to study magic, or even vary your builds for a specific game situation.

Main magical schools:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning


This is the classic and most common build for a mage, which is aimed at dealing strong attacking single and AoE damage with the ability to deal damage and for a certain time due to burns.

It should be taken into account that fire is an opportunity to deal damage, put up impenetrable walls that cause damage, severe burns and AoE damage, and it is from fire that many players and monsters seek and have protection in the later stages of the game and during the endgame.

By the way, keep in mind that with an increase in the level of difficulty and the appearance of resists on enemies, then the demons, of which there are a lot in the world of Diablo 4, it is fire that will become the most common resistance, so do not completely rely on fire.

The main advantage of the magic school of fire can be called the presence of a subsequent burn effect, which causes additional gradual damage, and if you spend all your resources on a fight, you can always just run back until the enemies burn out from the previously inflicted magical damage.


The most stable and safe school of magic, which always leaves you the right to make mistakes in combat, especially against enemies who fight in close combat.

The fact is that ice imposes a completely logical freezing effect on enemies.

Frostbite greatly affects movement speed and weapon swing rate due to frostbite on the hands.

An ice build will allow you to deal stable, but weaker damage to enemies through AoE and single attacks than a fire build, but more stable, since most monsters will either not catch up with you, or even freeze completely and will not be able to move.

You can combine ice and fire in order to sacrifice part of the combat potential to simultaneously receive both stable and safe damage with a constant removal of health from all affected targets.


The third build option for schools of magic is lightning.

The main advantage of lightning can be called the highest damage rate and a constant jump to nearby targets.

The main disadvantage of the build is the spread of damage – if other schools of magic guarantee stable damage, regardless of high or low damage, then lightning cannot boast of such a value.

For example, if the skill has huge damage, then because of the chance you can spend a lot of mana, but deal only 1 damage – this is a huge disadvantage of this build, but at the same time, many players are willing to take risks, because lightning is an unobvious build and not all monsters and players often have really serious resistances to it.

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Strengths of the mage class

  • You can vary several styles of play and builds for a comfortable game.
  • A mage doesn’t need the best gear to deal consistent damage against other players and monsters.
  • Many skills for dealing strong AoE damage and controlling enemies, regardless of their number.
  • A number of skills and high mobility allow you to avoid most damage with sufficient quickness of the player, but in general, skills allow you to play adventurously and take risks, but deal more damage.

Weaknesses of magic classes in Diablo 4

Mages have a weak health pool and do not have skills to reduce incoming damage to themselves, especially from enemies with a ranged type of attack.

In the early stages, it experiences huge resource problems. The magician needs mana to cast spells, whether it be single or mass skills, and at the first stages it will be categorically lacking when hunting, and it will often be necessary to regenerate and interrupt fights, and sometimes even run from enemies until the key resource is replenished.

You need to plan and calculate the pace and order of using spells for stable and strong damage while conserving resources, otherwise the character will not be effective. A good magician clears a large dungeon without any problems, and it is to this status and skill that one should strive.

Due to the huge amount of resistances and immunities, the mage is a very difficult character to end-game, especially if you have been chaotic in your own equipment and equipment, or have not found companions in the form of live players or AI.

Immunity means the complete absence of damage from your attacks, so it is extremely important to combine builds in such a way that you can approach the endgame with overclocked spells from two schools of magic at once, and you can also use magic that is a direct opposition to the other.