We increasingly strive to use our time and budget for the company’s development more rationally. It’s for these purposes that WooCommerce themes exist on TemplateMonster. You read reviews, looked at the description of the advantages of each product, and finally chose the most suitable design for the site. Such an approach guarantees that the company will look modern, have several advantages over competitors, and sell the goods better. However, to get the desired result, constantly monitoring the market’s innovations is necessary. After all, trends in the design of online stores are changing. Therefore, we offer a brief overview of new items and the current design trends.

Trends In Online Stores’ Design Using WooCommerce Themes

It’s important to know that ready-made products can quickly help you get what you want. For example, let’s take one of the most popular marketplaces – TemplateMonster. There are several reasons for this:

  • First, you see examples of work from several different web developers.
  • There is something to choose from.
  • Availability of items for different types of business.
  • A ready selection of novelties.
  • The ability to filter by specified parameters.

So, let’s visit the section with WooCommerce themes. There we open a selection of the latest and newest templates for WordPress. In total, we have a lot of options. We conducted a preliminary analysis in April 2023, and at that moment, the section had more than a thousand of the most exciting and fresh WooCommerce themes on TemplateMonster.

Below we give a list of the most notable trends in the appearance of layouts for WordPress.


Don’t expect a lot of graphics from a modern site. The simpler the pages look, the easier it’s for the user to search and select products. After all, abundant illustrations, distracting blocks, and active drawings \play a bad joke on you. The design, in this case, is undoubtedly memorable. However, it doesn’t play any role in the growth of sales.

Lots Of White

If the web developer chooses the other shade, it’s a light variant. For example, gray, ivory, beige, and pastel shades are popular. However, select dark ones only if you want to emphasize the expensiveness of the product and its exclusivity. For example, using black, brown, or dark blue is appropriate for only luxury clothing stores, jewelry, and accessories.

Convenient Filters

Appearance includes all important details that affect sales and shopping in general. Finding the right thing takes a lot of work if you have over a thousand items and a wide assortment. Cool filters with different search options are the most useful. Be sure to include such filters as manufacturer (brand), price range, goods on discount or without, size, and other parameters depending on your product.

Big Slider

The element is still popular. The reason is apparent – you may place the essential information on banners. But, simultaneously, you are sure that the user saw the slide because it’s simply impossible not to notice it due to its immense size.

Bright Details

We note that there should be very few of them. After all, the first rule of a perfect template is laconism in everything. So, it’s worth using bright colors for thin frames, buttons, or icons. The main thing in this matter is to do it infrequently.


This item is not a trend but a need. After all, there are many online stores in different areas of business. Men appreciate cold shades, simplicity, and straightforward navigation. For sites with women’s goods, it is vital to use pleasant pastel colors. Web designers think through all the critical elements so that the online store favorably emphasizes the advantages and features of your business.

TOP WooCommerce Themes

To create this selection, we relied on our opinions about what a modern, stylish, and exciting website should look like. So, we offer you to view a demo of each layout and choose according to your requirements and brand concept.



This site’s appearance is suitable for all products that help a healthy lifestyle. As an accent, the web designer chose a bright blue. This option is great because men and women love it equally. Sections are light, airy, and almost weightless, thanks to the excellent combination of white and blue.

Green Market

green market

You see a classic for organic meals and food. It’s also perfect for natural cosmetics. The calm green dilutes the lively gray color. This combination is a win-win option, adding more value to your organic food.



This look is a feminine, pleasant, and incredibly delicate layout. It is perfectly compatible with cosmetics, make-up items, jewelry, and fashion accessories. Femininity can be seen here in almost everything. At the same time, the web developer offers an unusual color palette in the demo.


The advantage of downloading new items is that you will be its first user. As a result, there is a chance to be unique. Ready-made options for online stores with an unusual appearance constantly appear on the market. Look at new products and select based on your vision of how your shop should look.

WooCommerce Themes FAQ

  • How to choose WooCommerce themes?

Such layouts are best evaluated only after viewing the demo. Many things buyers can change in the look. But those who want to get a fully finished appearance should study the demo more carefully. Also, check which version of CMS the template is compatible with. Finally, remember to view all the offered options from different companies to the maximum.

  • Which WooCommerce themes not to download?

We certainly cannot give any prohibitions. However, selecting between paid and free ones, select paid. They have more options for settings. In addition, web developers constantly update the layouts. This point guarantees the stability and security of the website.

  • How to set up a template?

Each paid product has the most detailed instructions. Any web developer tries to write a step-by-step manual so that even a novice can understand it. Therefore, download, install, and try to adjust by following the instructions.

  • Where to buy WooCommerce themes?

You know that such goods are even in the site’s admin panel. First, however, please stop at a large marketplace like TemplateMonster. This marketplace gives you a choice among different manufacturers and many valuable bonuses. For example, buyers often receive free support, helpful images, and plugins.