APEX legends Season 5 Drops on May 12th and there are some great new changes! The biggest of which is the new Character Loba. She is known as the best thief in the Outlands and anything she wants, she takes.

Remember the little girl from the Revenant Season 4 Video? Yeah, the one where he killed her parents? Well, she’s all grown up now and is back for her revenge! Watch the Season 4 Trailer again below to see Revenant kill her parents!

If that doesn’t hit you right in the feels, I don’t know what will! APEX Legends is full of all kinds of fun and surprises and Loba is back to settle her score with the help of a friend. Will she be able to take Revenant out? Will she change her mind when she finds out why he killed her parents? Only time will tell but either way, Season 5 is going to be great, watch the Legacy of a Thief Trailer below to see Loba all grown up and pissed off!

Loba aside, Season 5 will also bring a new Battle Pass and we will see the start of Ranked Season 4. Another major update is the introduction of Quests. Quests will allow you to hunt for treasures and answers and should you succeed, you will be richly rewarded, or so they say!

For Ranked Season 4, there will be some changes but a few good things will stay the same from Season 3. We will still see the maps splits mid-way through the season. Scoring and Entry RP costs will stay the same as will the additional multiplier for assists. They are also finally introducing Reconnect! This is a big one and means should you lag out of the game, your internet disconnect or something out of your control, you can go back and join the game you were in if it’s still going on! This is a massive new feature for APEX and one we have all been waiting for. For more info on what Ranked Season 4 will bring, please visit the official website by clicking here.

So, will you still be playing when Season 5 comes out? Are you coming back from a little break as you got bored? Is a new Character enough to convince you that APEX is still a great game to play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We hope to hear from you and feel free to drop some Gamer Tages and what system you’re on as well if you are looking for more people to play with!