Geocaching and Pokemon Go have proven over the years, and very recently, that humans LOVE technology and adventure. In a 2017 world where Pokemon Go has brought back nostalgia to the masses, what are we to do when the novelty wears off? A new app is blazing it’s way through Europe and North America and is growing on a global scale every day.

Seek App is a cutting-edge global mobile application that uses augmented reality to connect brands like Amazon, Apple, Bose, Jaybird, and many more with fans and customers. Through the app, Seekers discover branded prizes, promotions and messages in digital treasure chests while they are out walking, biking, or hiking. With over 75 million digital treasure chests placed globally, new adventures and rewards can be unlocked every day.

Prizes currently being offered are:
Samsung products (phones, cameras, and VR sets)
● Bose and Jaybird headphones or earbuds
● Amazon Echo Dot
● Apple Watch
● Six Flags amusement park tickets
● Amazon and BestBuy giftcards up to $50 or more
● Cold Hard Cash
● And so much more on it’s way

Seek is Global and is a great way to stretch your legs and explore your neighborhood, city, or get out and adventure in the country. Seek places treasure chests in every public park in the US, places chests on nature trails, and even has special Event Chests at conventions and Expos for you to hunt after.


Chests are of varying value ranging from Common to Legendary, prizes scale to match the rarity and value of each chest. Common chests are used to gather coins, and those coins are traded in for keys that are used to open higher value chests for bigger prizes. If for some reason there is a lack of chests near you, it is extremely easy to requests an airdrop of chests on your location.


There is an official page on Facebook to meet other Seekers and speak with the Seek Executive Team too. Download seek from the app store and discover more at