Businesses have many ways of communicating, but by far one of the most popular is the classic presentation. However, no two presentations are the same, and presentations that don’t harness AV technology to its full advantage might suffer the consequences. 

Highly engaging presentations use AV technology to create more dynamic displays that wow their audiences, resulting in a higher ROI, better engagement levels, improved communication and much more. To help you achieve the same level of impressive presentations, we’ve created this in-depth guide to easy but impressive tips to improve AV presentations. 

Why should you incorporate AV presentations into your business

Before discussing how to improve your AV presentations. Let’s discuss the many benefits you can experience in business by incorporating or improving your existing AV presentation strategies. Here are just a few examples: 

  • Enhanced business profile: Utilizing AV presentations can help you impress potential business partners and consumers. Showcasing your products and services with the help of AV technology can boost your business profile and help you stay relevant in a competitive market. 
  • Improved communication: Improving AV presentations can help you achieve clearer communication, resulting in improved working relationships, fewer mistakes and overall improved day to day operations.
  • Increased engagement: Engagement helps keep all your employees working on the same page toward your business development targets. With a clear and exciting presentation, you can boost engagement levels which can translate to better working quality. 
  • Business progression opportunities: By using more AV technology in your presentations, you can incorporate remote features that unify remote audiences. This helps you reach wider talent pools for your business and can help you access different markets.

Tips to improve your AV presentations

Here are five easy tips to improving AV business presentations: 

1. Use the correct AV equipment 

Perhaps the most important tip to improve your business AV presentations is to use the correct AV equipment. Incorporating more AV equipment like video controllers can provide you with more control over your content, and offer more dynamic solutions to improve engagement. 

For example, using a video wall matrix switcher can help you switch between different input signals, helping you to diversify your content strategy with different footage on several screens.

Additionally, if you use controllers or video wall processors, you can have more control over your video wall layout and optimize its performance for your audience. In summary, using the correct AV equipment is a quick and easy way to make your AV presentations more professional and dynamic.  

2. Contact AV professionals 

If you’re not an AV know-it-all yourself, an easy way to improve your AV presentation is to bring in professionals. AV professionals like integrators can help you make better use of your AV equipment, ensuring all of your tools like switchers, controllers and processors work in synchronicity to deliver an impressive, professional display. 

An AV integrator makes sure that your tools work with you, not against you, so if you’re struggling to marry your display with your audio tools, then this is certainly an option for you. This will help you create an all-round impressive display by limiting the amount of errors you run into while presenting – making a positive impression on your audience of potential consumers. 

3. Use more microphones and speakers

One of the things that impacts your presentations and their impact is accessibility, especially in larger venues. If your audience can’t hear you, then your message and call to action will suffer greatly. 

To combat this, consider using more audio solutions like microphones and speakers. In a world of small meetings and intimate conferences, this might sound like a strange tip, but using more microphones and speakers is a great way to open your AV presentations up to larger audiences, helping you put on more impressive, grander displays. 

Acoustics can help you compensate for things like poor acoustics, and using wireless microphones can offer more audience interaction opportunities. Your audience will definitely appreciate and be impressed by a presentation strategy that’s far more accessible! 

4. Use engaging display options 

A subsection of using the correct AV equipment is ensuring that you have the most dynamic display options. Standard screens, while versatile and easily accessible, limit your ability to connect with your audience, and may lead to more boring displays. Why not switch it up by using solutions like video walls? Video walls are multi-screen displays that can range from small, duo monitors to grand displays with hundreds of monitors. While this might sound overwhelming, this allows you to incorporate different snippets of footage, display supporting content for other screens and increase your flow of information. 

Not only will this have an impact on how much your audience takes away from your presentation, just the experience of using a video wall will result in higher engagement levels, and thus a positive ROI. 

Other dynamic display options include interactive whiteboards, where you can incorporate more audience engagement opportunities, such as inviting your audience to interact with your whiteboard themselves. 

It sounds simple, but changing how you display your content with AV equipment is a great way to breathe life back into your presentation strategy. 

5. Optimize your AV budget 

While expensive, injecting a little more cash into your AV budget could be the difference between sinking or swimming. If you’re not seeing much return on your AV presentations, you might need some more investment in order to buy into better display options, use audio equipment or secure better locations. 

Although there’s always a temptation to cut corners to save money, AV equipment is an investment that will pay off, and cheaper alternatives to processors, switchers, audio equipment, generators and more, might not always be beneficial. Cheaper equipment might also come with more expensive maintenance and replacement fees, so think twice before opting for cheaper AV equipment. 

Consider incorporating other AV opportunities into your AV budget, such as lighting and professional assistance. Lighting will help you create a more immersive experience for your audience, while hiring additional support will help you streamline and make a more sinuous display with minimal errors. 

Final thoughts 

Engaging AV presentations can give your business a much-needed boost, and it doesn’t take rocket science to make one. By implementing these easy and accessible five tips, you can wow your audience with a display that is as professional as you. What are you waiting for? Give your business a fighting chance with an incredible AV presentation today!