Battlefield 1

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That’s right! Amazon is giving Prime Users a free copy of Battlefield 1 on PC! With the new Battlefield 2042 right around the corner and Amazon making a big push to get more into PC Gaming, they have been generous enough to work something out so they can provide their Prime Members with a free copy of Battlefield 1. While this isn’t the first game they have given way or the last, it is always nice to receive something for free. Prime members can actually get quite a lot of ‘Free Stuff’ from Amazon by being a Prime Member. If you go to You can start a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime, or sign up for Prime Gaming if you are already and normal Amazon Prime member. There are quite a few good in-game freebies for games like Apex, Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption, RuneScape and many, many more!

amazon prime gaming freebies

But wait, it gets better. It looks like Amazon may soon be giving away Battlefield V as well! This is absolutely nuts and I have no idea how they talked EA into such a thing but if you look at it mentioned Battlefield V will be available from August 2nd for Prime Members! If so, you won’t want to miss this, even if you might not play it, for now, there is no harm in redeeming it to have in your Origin games library. I mean at the end of the day it is going to be free so surely it is worth checking out?

battlefield 5 free aug 2nd

Battlefield V Trailer

Amazon is definitely trying to make more of a  name for themselves when it comes to PC Gaming lately and if they keep giving away games like this, it is going to work! On top of their normal Prime benefits such as free shipping on loads of items, it is great to see them also give back to the Gaming community with Prime Gaming. I have been a loyal member to both for quite some time now and for the £7.99/month it costs me, I save more than that on a monthly basis. If you haven’t already it is worth checking out Amazon Prime US or Amazon Prime UK for more details and your free 30-day trial!

Battlefield 2042

Are you getting hyped for Battlefield 2042? I know I am and it will likely be my new go-to game once it is released! Make sure to check the trailer for it below and check it out by using our affiliate likes on Amazon UK and US.

Battlefield 2042 Amazon UK Amazon US
PC £54.99
PS4 £54.99 $59.99
PS5 £64.99 $69.99
Xbox One $59.99


Official Trailer