If you’re thinking of a fast and efficient way of sending or receiving money, Blik should be at the top of your list. And it’s not just in Poland where the Blik payment method is shaking things up. Even the global banking industry and payment avenues are rattled by Blik’s intuitive and game-changing set-up, bringing transactions right at your hand.

It gets better if you’re an avid gaming fanatic, especially online and video gaming. If you need to purchase a game online or specific features of a game to amp up your experience, Blik has your back. As for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, you’ll find Blik an essential payment tool at the casino sites listed in platforms like kasynoonlineblik.pl. So, sit back and relax as you place your stake on exciting slots or table games and withdraw your funds if you get a massive win.

At a glance, what is Blik, and what is its role in the cashless payment method arena?

What Is Blik?

Blik is a mobile payment or cashless wallet that allows users to carry out transactions online. The brainchild of six competitor banks in Poland, Blik.com has become Poles’ most popular payment method and is gradually gaining recognition in worldwide commerce.

Blik’s success is due to the robust technologies used to form its platform, including Viewport Meta, SPF, HTML5 and Google Analytics. Completing transactions is assisted using an auto-generated bar code that you’ll key in at a terminal, website or ATM. Popularity-wise, Blik is available at over 90% of Polish financial institutions, and its partnership with Mastercard only serves to grow its reputation.

Other aspects that make Blik popular include:

  • Need for cashless and contactless payment.
  • No need to install additional software.
  • Seamless interface.

Leveraging Blik’s features will go a long way in aiding your financial transactions in whichever field you can think of—from e-commerce to iGaming.

Using Blik And Its Application

Working with Blik on your mobile or tablet involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Selecting the form of Blik transaction: Transactions can be stationary, e-commerce stores, or ATM stores.
  2. Open the bank application and click the ‘Blik’ icon.
  3. Read the Blik code on the smartphone screen.
  4. Enter the code at the website or ATM.
  5. Confirm transaction on mobile.

Regarding application, Blik finds use in many fields such as payment in brick-and-mortar stores, online shops, withdrawing and depositing cash in ATMs and peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer. Besides e-commerce, Blik has found a niche in the online gaming market. All you need is to use the Bank Transfer payment option as Blik is integrated into your mobile banking app. 

What Is Blik’s Future?

With a proper foothold in Poland, Blik aims to make a global mark by making cashless payments. Blik has already partnered with Mastercard to provide payment solutions to e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba. The Polish-based mobile payment company may consider partnering with other card providers such as Visa or e-wallet foreign platforms PayPal and Skrill.

Since Blik’s goal is to simplify customers’ bank transactions, it may consider expanding its network and cooperating with foreign banks in offering payment services, provided the bank has a functioning mobile app.

Integrating Blik with existing mobile apps has not only made payments faster and easier but also secure. The Blik code pop-up ensures a transaction is confirmed first before going through. Overall, Blik has made tremendous strides in simplifying financial movement between companies and P2P. However, the big question is will Blik go global and replace banks worldwide? With the strides made so far, this might just be a possible reality.