The role of character counters and anti-plagiarizers when writing an essay

The Internet has created an unprecedented opportunity for anyone anywhere in the world to touch the knowledge humanity has accumulated for millennia. Philosophical treatises, scientific debates, and the latest theories – if desired, receive the user of the World Wide Web. At first glance, it sounds like an undoubted good. However, it is no secret that the possibilities of the Internet carry many threats and have already formed an extensive list of problems that are difficult to exaggerate. Plagiarism is one such problem. So, when writing an essay or other writing assignment, students should pay attention to word count and the work’s uniqueness because the essay has certain requirements for structure, composition, figuration, etc. If students submit work that is not their own, it calls into question the fairness of the assessment process itself and the validity of the qualifications acquired – in particular, because of the incorrectness of the documents obtained about knowledge, skills, and abilities. Therefore, character counters and anti-plagiarizers are recommended to make the writing process more manageable and complete the essay successfully. The average essay usually has a small size (the standard volume is several A4 sheets), begins with a statement of the problem, then follows the approval of several (usually three) theses and 2-3 arguments to these theses. Finally, it all ends with a general conclusion.

The best programs to complete your essay

The uniqueness of the text is exclusivity in a sense. The higher the percentage, the more unique the text. In this way, you can check whether this text has been mentioned before, in addition to your portal, or whether the information is the primary source. The plagiarism checker uses powerful deep search technology to clean up the entire network to find similar matches to any text provided. A detailed search scans billions of documents across the Internet to find similar text matches. Such programs show the degree of uniqueness of the text, text sources, and the percentage of text match and check the uniqueness of the specified URL. Among the most commonly-used alternatives there are:

  • Advego Plagiatus
  • EssayUSA
  • Antiplagiat
  • Plagiarisma
  • Copyscape.

Another important moment when writing an essay is a word count. It can be done in Word, but it will be more convenient to use a particular site to count the number of characters (symbols) in the text. The easiest way to count characters in the text is to use online resources. There are many examples of such online sites, but you can find them yourself. Any website with or without spaces counts for anti-plagiarism. In general, many such programs for counting characters in the text can be found on the Internet. The most preferred solutions are:

  • ClipCount
  • CounterSide
  • WordCounter360

Before deciding to install an application, everyone should set priorities and goals, analyze several programs and choose the one that meets that goal.

Who can help you to write an essay?

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