If you are new to purchasing gaming PCs, the process can be incredibly intimidating. Everyone online is an expert, but everyone seems to have a contrasting opinion on the fundamentals, and the fundamentals themselves are highly confusing. 

Keep reading for a breakdown of the key parts of gaming PCs and how to understand specs when looking for your next gaming PC. 


Processors are essentially the driving force, or engine, or your computer. Everything you direct your computer to do will be managed by the processor which is located on your computer’s motherboard. 


The speed of a computer’s processor is measured in gigahertz, otherwise known as GHz. 1 GHz means that the computer’s processor can execute 1 billion cycles per second. The higher the GHz rating, the higher the computer’s processing power will be. 

Random Access Memory, or RAM 

You can think of RAM as your computer’s short-term memory which it utilizes to host web pages you are using or documents you have opened. You will find that RAM is usually installed on the motherboard, and it is measured in gigabytes, otherwise known as GB. 

For reference, very basic computer functions will typically only require about 1GB of RAM, while intense computer applications such as 3D rendering, editing, and high-level gaming will require a RAM of closer to 7 or 8GB or even more! 


Storage can usually be found in one of two different formats, those of hard disk drives, or HDD and those of solid-state drives, or SSD. HDDs consist of spinning plates and moving heads which can read and write data. HDD is now mostly used for larger file storage. 

SSD, on the other hand, are storage units which are used in many lightweight, high-performance laptops. These are more lightweight as they have no moving parts – plus there is a decreased likelihood of the drive being damaged. They also offer much faster write and write speeds. 

Other forms of gaming 

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Make it yours 

One of the most fun things about gaming computers and setups is that you can make it your own and add your own fun, creative touches. Whether this means color-coding your parts, building a legendary battle station, or choosing parts that are incredibly aesthetically appealing, it is important to make your gaming computer your own.