The power supplies are 80 Plus EU certified and offer an average efficiency of more than 82% at 230V. The CVSE PSUs are thus compliant with the Eco design guideline 2009/125/EG and the associated regulation No. 617/2013.

The power supplies are especially designed for classic office- and graphics-applications, the more powerful models can also be used for gaming systems. All three models use a dual-rail circuit design, in order to provide stable and balanced voltage even under fluctuating loads.

Particular emphasis was placed on low noise levels – that’s why the “CVSE 80 Plus EU” power supplies are all equipped with a low rpm, temperature controlled, 140 mm fan. The series consists of three models, with a maximum capacity of 350, 450, and 550 Watt respectively.

The power supplies correspond to the ATX 12V 2.31 standard and offers enough power reserves for current mid-range systems. All cables are sufficiently long and are using a black sleeve.

In the interest of visual appearance, the power supplies are equipped with a high-quality, matte-black finish – the fans are held in typical Cooltek blue.

The power supplies offer all the important protective mechanisms against overload (OPP & OLP), over voltage (OVP), under voltage (UVP), and short circuit (SCP).

The CVSE power supplies are now available in stores. The MSRP for the CVSE 350 Watt is 42.99€, 49.99€ for the CVSE 450 Watt and 59.99€ for the CVSE 550 Watt. All prices incl. 10% VAT.

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