Corsair is one of the best, if not the best, companies that deal in peripherals for PCs. The tech giant has really taken the Virtuoso line in a completely new direction with the latest Corsair Virtuoso Pro. The headphone is phenomenal, and if you want to learn more about it will give you a complete review in this article.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro

First, let’s talk about the design as it is a headpiece, and the design matters a lot. We think that the design of Corsair Virtuoso Pro is elegant and would arguably like it. The headphone has been made with high-quality materials, and of course, it features a high-quality sound. There are two cable variants, and you can buy either, depending on whether you want a microphone with the headset or not.

While the design is excellent, it doesn’t compromise on the performance. The comfort level upon wearing the headsets is great. It might not be the best, but it does have a good comfort level, given the high-quality materials used to make it. The headphones provide comfort as the ear pads are filled with memory, and it helps to adapt to the shape of your head. Even if you spend hours gaming, this headset will provide you with great comfort.

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Both a boom arm microphone cable and a cable without one are included with the Corsair Virtuoso Pro. The fact that many content producers often utilize an external microphone is known to Corsair, so in order to provide consumers with the most freedom possible, the manufacturer has chosen to supply both cable options.

If you merely want to use the headset to listen to music or view films without a microphone in the way, the provided cord without a microphone is very useful. On the other hand, the connection with the microphone arm is perfect for voice conversations or gaming sessions when two-way communication is the primary goal.

The Open Design

The headset is not perfect, as it has some flaws. The main flaw we noticed is the open design. While we think the open design is great and looks elegant, it can cause problems in noisy environments. If you are playing a multiplayer game where communication is crucial you might find it troublesome. 

The other main issue that we think is that the headset doesn’t even shield the sound produced from outside. This means that if you are playing a game, then the other person in your room is likely to hear everything you are hearing. This can also affect your microphone as the other person you are gaming with might hear their voice. However, this issue can be solved with fine-tuning in the equalizer.

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That being said, the open design doesn’t only have drawbacks, as it lets you monitor your own voice in real-time. This particular feature is extremely important for those who play multiplayer games and streamers. The Corsair Virtuoso Pro, as said before, is extremely comfortable, and that is also due to it weighing 338 grams. The thing that many praised is that you can change the ear cushions, ear cup cover, and headband padding without using any tools.


The headset might be a great option for competitive players as the 50mm Graphene drivers ensure a high-quality sound. This means that you will even hear the quiet or light footsteps of an enemy approaching you clearly. So, if you rely on hearing more in competitive games, then this might be the best option for you. The great thing is that in this headphone, deep bass and high frequencies are produced clearly, meaning there won’t be any distortion, so you will be able to play without any worries about that. We think that Corsair Virtuoso Pro is a great choice for streamers.


Corsair Virtuoso Pro is arguably one of the best headsets available in the market. While the headset is great, it has its drawbacks due to the open design. However, the open design was intended for more comfort for the user, which is why there are some drawbacks. Also, we think the price tag of this headset is a little too high as it costs $199.99, which not everyone would prefer.

That being said, the headset shines in many areas, and one of them is the quality of the sound, making it a perfect choice for streamers. There might be some better alternatives available, but Corsair did manage to surprise everyone yet again with the new Corsair Virtuoso Pro.