EK®, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is launching the EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver 0.6Nm to provide its customers with the best and safest tools for their liquid cooling adventure. Assemble and maintain your water-cooling equipment without the risk of over-torquing and damaging your gear. EK is dedicated to being a one-stop-shop for its users, making their loop-building experience easier and more accessible.

EK Loop Torque Screwdriver 0.6Nm stand

EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver
EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver – 0.6Nm is a precision screwdriver that will allow you to precisely fasten screws. This screwdriver includes the 5 most common bits used for PCs and liquid cooling. It is set to 0.6Nm torque. Upon reaching this force, an audible click is produced and the screwdriver resets. This way, you can no longer break your parts by using too much force as this tool will not allow you to. The soft-grip handle is made of TPR for comfortable use while building a loop.

EK Loop Torque Screwdriver 0.6Nm pack

What you get in the box:
EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver – 0.6Nm
TX10 (Torx)
PH1 (Phillips-head)
PH2 (Phillips-head)
HEX 2.0mm (Allen)
HEX 2.5mm (Allen)
Availability and Pricing
The EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver is available for order through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network.

EK-Predicted MSRP Prices, VAT Included is 19.90 (Euro End-User Price)