>Introducing Lazer3D 

Overclockers UK are proud to introduce Lazer3D exclusively into their range. Lazer3D are manufacturers of ultra-customisable SFF cases with extremely well thought out and thermally efficient designs with small footprints, offering the customer a level of freedom to choose their preferred design that is rarely seen in the market. The designs available allow for premium enthusiast level hardware to be installed without compromising on cooling so that you can build a tiny powerhouse system that is portable yet packs a massive punch..

All Lazer3D products are designed & manufactured in the UK as standard, meaning that not only is quality guaranteed, but customisation is available on a relatively short lead-time. Meet the LZ7

The LZ7 has been designed to offer excellent thermal performance with support for a 140mm slim cooling fan and 360 degree GPU exhaust ventilation, allowing you to build a powerful systems that runs cool and quiet whilst gaming. At just 7.07 lires in volume, the LZ7 is one of the smallest chassis on the market, yet can pack in some serious hardware. ITX cards upto 186mm can be installed, such as the Gigabyte 1070 ITX OC & MSI 1070 Aero ITX. Slim 140mm fans can be installed on the right hand side panel & CPU coolers upto 67mm such as the Cryorig C7 & Noctua NH-L12 can be used (up to 60mm is recommended for the best performance. Comprehensive Configuration 

With our comprehensive configuration options, you can change every panel, corner column and add various accessories as required. You can literally pick and choose every single chassis component including colour until you have something that is as unique as you.

Detailed assembly instructions and full accessory packs are included as standard to help you assemble the LZ7 chassis.  Specification

– Motherboard: Mini ITX form factor
PSU: SFX PSU Support (Modular and Non-Modular)
– Dimensions: 226mm (W) x 198mm (D) x 158mm (H) – case only – 7.07 Litre volume
– GPU: 1 x Dual Slot Full Height, Up to 186mm length, up to 131mm height
– CPU Cooler: 67mm (below 60mm recommended)
– Cooling: 1 x 140mm/120mm x 15mm fan (slim type) – Positive Pressure setup recommended for best overall results.
– Ventilation: Oversized GPU direct intake vents, 360 degree GPU exhaust ventilation, Dedicated PSU intake and exhaust vents.
– Storage: 2 x 2.5″ Drives (up to 15mm thick), M.2 drive under motherboard (with passive airflow)
– I/O: 2 x USB3.0, Headphone, Microphone, Power & HDD activity LED’s
– Materials: 3mm/5mm acrylic sheet, high strength 3D printed polyamide SLS corner accents


– Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
– Ultra Compact 7.07 Litres Volume
– Compatible with Dual Slot ITX length Graphics Cards up to 186mm
– Highly Efficient Airflow Design
– 360 degree GPU exhaust ventilation prevents heat recirculation
– Supports 140mm Slim Chassis Fan
– Large range of colour combinations
– Choice of vent designs to suit your preference of style and performance
– Compatible with dust filters and fan guards
– Range of accessories to choose from d4f70916 6a2c 4c00 8d7c 91cc7cc87748
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