Technology is something that we all rely on more than ever in the digital age, and this has certainly had a positive impact on global business markets. As a result, the tech sector in many countries is flourishing, and nowhere sums this up better than New Zealand.

This relatively small island in the Pacific has become a major player in global technology and has a vibrant, healthy tech industry of its own. The backbone of this is the flood of new startups in this niche across New Zealand and the constant drive for innovation within these companies. 

iGaming and innovation in New Zealand

A good example of this is how the iGaming sector in New Zealand has taken off recently and the innovation shown by the very best online casinos that cater to Kiwi players. Whether it is allowing gamers to set alight ancient flames on the Gates of Olympus slot or enabling them to use the latest digital communication methods, online casinos in New Zealand showcase how the tech industry in the country uses innovation to great effect. 

Of course, there are always new innovations and fresh startups in the Kiwi tech scene to keep track of. But which are some of the most interesting to know about? 

Top startups on New Zealand’s tech horizon

Adapting to the digital age is something that Kiwis have done successfully, and this is seen in the amount of tech startups the country has. One firm that many expect to make major waves soon is Soul Machines. This company is based in the digital tech space and produces AI-powered lifelike online avatars. 

Halter is another emerging tech startup that many Kiwis should hear a lot more about in the future. It is changing the face of livestock management in the country with its innovative GPS/AI-focused smart cow collar systems.

MarketRacoon is also catching the eye of many Kiwis and is committed to making portfolio management easier for investors in the country. This is achieved through its all-in-one investment platform, which allows users to manage a diverse range of assets from a central place.

What innovations could be on the Kiwi tech horizon?

As in other major tech sectors globally, virtual and augmented reality are familiar innovations that have already made a massive impact in New Zealand. Extended reality is the next step forward though, and it could become a major trend on the Kiwi tech scene. It essentially combines VR and AR to provide even more realistic experiences in niches like gaming

Data-driven innovation is also something that could become a big trend in New Zealand’s tech scene moving ahead, as more companies in the country start to use the data they collect to drive decision-making. 

New Zealand’s technology sector is thriving

There is little doubt that the tech industry in New Zealand is in a healthy place right now and has been on the up for a number of years. This has been down to the success of previous Kiwi startups (such as Xero) and the thirst for innovation, which the country’s tech sector has. As the above shows, this is not about to stop anytime soon.