Different Types of Gaming Bonuses and How to Claim Them

Casino bonuses are key to making your online gambling experience much more enjoyable and efficient. For example, the Verde Casino bonus will allow you to increase your current bankroll easily and get off to a solid start as a new player. But if you’re new to taking advantage of online rewards, you may not yet know how to claim them. Almost all these promotions are triggered differently. We’ve prepared an article to help you! Below, we show you examples of how you can claim the most common casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

Way(s) to Claim Create a new account, use a bonus code, and verify a payment method


The no deposit bonus is a casino gift to new players and, as the name suggests, does not require a deposit. Often, joining the casino by creating a new account is enough to claim it. When you log in to your account with your username and password, you will see that your bonus has been automatically defined in your profile. It can be either a small cash balance (i.e., 10 CAD) or a small number of free spins (i.e., 20 free spins). In addition, you may need to:

  • Use a bonus code. This code must either be entered in the registration form or used on the player’s account page. The bonus is activated as soon as the code is entered.
  • Verify a payment method. A requirement often seen in UK licensed casinos. It is used to confirm the legal age of the player. After joining the casino, you define a payment method (e.g., credit card) in your account. 1 CAD will be withdrawn from this method and returned within 24 hours – this is to make sure the player is at least 18 years old.

Welcome Bonus

Way(s) to Claim Create a new account, and make a deposit


The welcome bonus is also a gift that casino sites give to new players, but it is triggered by a deposit. This deposit always has a minimum limit. As soon as the transaction is completed, you get a match rate and win a certain number of free spins. For example, you deposit 20 CAD for a 200% match rate welcome bonus. The casino will automatically add a bonus of twice this amount (40 CAD) to your account. Most of the time, you also get free spins in addition to this.

  • Creating a new account and depositing the minimum amount specified in the terms is the main way to claim this bonus.
  • Sometimes you may need to use a code for this bonus as well. In such a case, the code you need to use will be shared on the casino’s promotions page.

Reload Bonus

Way(s) to Claim Make a deposit


This offer does the same as the welcome bonus. It allows you to earn a cash balance or free spins when you deposit. However, unlike the welcome one, it is not exclusive to new players and can be used regularly. In other words, it allows you to earn a bonus every time you deposit. For example, on Wednesdays, you get 50 free spins for making a 20 CAD deposit. For deposits you make on weekends, a 50% match rate is offered. In any case, you must already be a casino member and make a minimum deposit. The bonus works automatically, and the relevant gift is credited to your account as soon as the transaction is completed.

Most casinos also use promo codes for this bonus. These are codes that change regularly and can be tracked on the casino site.

Cashback Bonus

Way(s) to Claim Lose money


This is indeed a unique reward as the claim method is different from all the others. Cashback bonuses are designed to return some of your losses. For instance, you lost 200 CAD while playing blackjack the previous week. This bonus can allow you to recover 10% of this amount by the next Monday. It is very advantageous because there is usually no wagering requirement, and it works completely automatically. The refund amount is transferred to the player’s account on a certain day and time by the casino. That being said:

  • The casino may have set a minimum loss limit for the bonus to be triggered.
  • Likewise, you may need to reach a certain level of loyalty to take advantage of this bonus. In other words, the it is automatic, but the casino may impose additional conditions for this reward to be triggered. In such a case, be aware that the relevant loyalty program may contain additional terms.
  • Some casinos may also require you to have reached a certain total deposit amount in the previous week. For example, the player must deposit at least 150 CAD in total and lose a minimum of 100 CAD in the same week. The bonus will only be triggered after that.

As you can see, there are many different types of gaming bonuses. Each of them has its own way to claim. Mostly, online casinos share the same bonus system, but be sure to check the terms and conditions. Active gamblers are always appreciated and rewarded!