Full, tool-free personalization

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GENESIS Zircon XIII is a state-of-the-art mouse being one of the first fully customizable models for gamers on the market. Importantly – it’s not about personalization with software. GENESIS Zircon XIII offers the possibility to replace the main button switches without soldering (hot – swap sockets), install springs to change their pressure (15 g/25 g), and even adjust the stroke (0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7 mm) thanks to the included spacers.

The device’s interchangeable back panel also allows for adjustment of the shape of the body. This makes it possible to precisely adjust the device to the type of grip used. Likewise with stability – any user can influence it with the included comfort grips. All you need to do is stick them on the selected parts of the mouse.


Precision and even smoother motion with Motion Sync

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GENESIS Zircon XIII is also all about precision. The Pixart PAW3395 sensor implemented inside is one of the best optical sensors in the world, distinguished by full efficiency even at very fast movements (16.51 m/s) and accelerations of 50 G. Importantly – this unit is distinguished by Motion – Sync technology. Thanks to it, the sending of mouse position data to the computer is fully synchronized with their reception. This, in turn, ensures not only smoother movement, but also greater efficiency in registering every move or action, even the slightest one.

First mouse with RapidSpeed™ Wireless connectivity

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The GENESIS Zircon XIII is the first mouse in the brand’s lineup to benefit from the brand’s all-new RapidSpeed™ Wireless connection, providing lightning-fast data transfer without interference, and therefore wired quality without a cable. That’s not all, however. In the interest of greater freedom, this model features a larger battery, capable of providing up to 100 hours of gameplay. Those who want to use a wired connection will also find something for themselves. The GENESIS Zircon XIII model can be connected to a computer with the included Paracord cable with USB-C and USB Type-A terminals.

Surprising interior and full functionality

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In addition to a high-quality optical sensor and a range of interchangeable components, the interior of the GENESIS Zircon XIII features top-quality components capable of ensuring trouble-free gameplay for a long time. These include the main button switches (Kailh 8.0 with a durability of 8 million clicks) and a robust TTC Gold encoder.

Not to forget the add-on software – an advanced application, built-in memory and a number of functional controls located on the bottom of the mouse make using the GENESIS Zircon XIII simple and convenient.

GENESIS Zircon XIII is available for purchase starting May 13, 2024. On the day of its release, the model will appear in two color versions: black and white.

Key features 

  • one of the first fully customizable gaming mice on the market allowing you to replace the main button switches, force springs, install spacers and replace the back side of the body
  • operation requiring no technical knowledge or soldering
  • one of the best optical sensors in the world – Pixart PAW3395 offering 26,000 DPI and precise tracking at a maximum speed of 16.51 m/s and acceleration of 50 G
  • even smoother movement thanks to Motion – Sync – a synchronization technique for sending and receiving mouse position data
  • high-quality interior (including Kailh switches, TTC Gold encoder, and more)
  • thoughtful contouring and design that will allow both right and left hand use
  • dual communication mode (wired performance and full convenience with RapidSpeed™ Wireless communication or wired connection using the durable Paracord cable)
  • built-in 600 mAh battery for up to 100 hours of continuous use
  • dedicated software and physical switches located on the bottom for quick and easy control of the device – including connectivity mode and backlighting
  • a number of included accessories, including: 2 sets of microswitches, 2 sets of springs, 2 interchangeable back panels, anti-slip grips, spare sliders.