Did you know you can trace the sender of unsolicited emails that harass or try to steal your info for free? 

What’s more, you don’t need hacking skills or expensive tools. You only need CocoFinder and a couple of minutes to find out who’s behind the email address. This service runs the target email in a huge database to find names, phone numbers, alternative email addresses, social media accounts, and more. 

However, some smart scammers use temporary email providers that require zero information to sign up. Those are usually not traceable, but it is easy to identify and block such emails. 

What is CocoFinder?

CocoFinder is an award-winning reverse email lookup service with millions of happy users in 190+ countries. The service has featured in top publications, including The Tech Times, Android central, and Bloomberg. Above all, the service is reliable, fast, and it works like a charm.

The best part?

You don’t need to install anything to use CocoFinder. It is a web-based service that requires just an email address to pull information from a target email. The data is usually 100% accurate, but that depends on how the owner opened the email. Meaning, you might get a solid hit on CocoFinder, only to find out the sender used a hacked email account.

Who is CocoFinder For?

This tool works for anyone who wants to do background checks on emails, phone numbers, and names. That makes it particularly useful to HR managers who want to check criminal records or verify the addresses of remote employees. It is also a great way to identify scammers who try to phish information or throw other nasty surprises. 

Anyone can use this info to make formal complaints, which makes it a powerful tool for business. 

What to Expect from CocoFinder

address lookup


Here are some of the features you can expect to see in CocoFinder:

Reverse Email Lookup: Enter an email address in the reverse email lookup tool, and you should get the owner’s real name and aliases, their current address, phone numbers, social media profiles, and a photo. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about a target.

People search: With a first name, last name, city, and state, you can access the target’s current residence, age, financial records, scam ratings, traffic records, and more. This information is updated regularly, and that makes it perfect for employers and blind dating.

Phone number lookups: Have you received unsolicited offers from an unknown number? Find out who it is, then call them out on social media. This feature takes a US phone number and gives you accurate information about the caller. You can use this info to do a “People Search” if you’d like more information about the target.

White Pages: This one is like an online phonebook where you can look up old friends to find out where they are and their contact information. It is less invasive than the people search, but it requires the first and second names plus location information. 

Address lookup: Enter an address to find current and past owners, property details, and info on the neighbourhood. That includes owners’ names, square footage of the house, and the estimated value of homes in that area. This information is particularly useful to people looking to buy property in the US.

Background search: Use this feature to find criminal records, sexual offences, and a comprehensive civil record on any US-based target. You will need both names, a city, and state, to do this search, and it will bring up accurate information all the time.

How to Do a Reverse Email Lookup for Free with CocoFinder

CocoFinder has made their service easy to use, and most importantly, free. You will need a valid email address to do this, and it can be from a free or paid email service provider. The idea is to use a valid email address.

Visit CocoFinder.com then scroll down to find and click on email lookup then enter the email in the big text box at the top of the page. Give the app a few minutes to crawl all the databases, and you should have:

  1. The owner’s real name plus aliases
  2. Their phone numbers – mobile and landline
  3. Social media profiles
  4. Any associated photos

With this information, you can choose to report the sender to the police if they specialize in scamming people. You can also expose them on review websites if they are just spammers.


Are there hidden costs of using this service?

The short answer is no. CocoFinder reverse email lookup service will always be free, no strings attached. That’s because they use public databases to dig out information, and those are usually free to use. They also know you can easily use Google search to find info on an address. However, a Google search will not bring up a comprehensive report as CocoFinder would.

Is the email lookup service illegal?

Reverse email lookup is not illegal, but there are guidelines that may limit your use. To get acquainted with this law, read the Fair Credit Report Act.

Is CocoFinder accurate?

Yes, it is. The public and private databases that power the service get updates all the time. Meaning, you will always get 100% accurate information, even though CocoFinder’s email lookup is a free service.

Over to You

CocoFinder is one of the best reverse email lookup services on the internet. It gives users access to a massive database with all types of information you could want to know about a target. The service is also free to use, and you only need a valid email address to get started.

Once you get the information after an email lookup, you can use the names to do a background check, use the phone number to confirm identity, and look up the address to know what you are dealing with. That allows users to get a 360 view of the target, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.