The Silent Wing 2 fans are known for offer great pressure with very little noise. Now, be quiet! have gone and upped the pressure and kept the same amount of noise on their new Silent wings 3 fans! I surely can not wait to get my hands on a few of these bad boys for testing.

Higher pressure at the same noise level as SilentWings 2

– New fan fram with funnel-shaped intake

– Revised fan blades

– 6-pole motor = less friction + lower power consumption

– New motor IC = no electric switching noise (manufactured in the US)

– New anti vibration mounting system for water cooling and air cooling systems

– 120 and 140 mm, 4 models= Regulare Speed with 3PIN and 4PIN (PWM) / High Speed with 3PIN and 4PIN (PWM)

Launch August 2016

20,90 – 21,90€ MSRP

SilentWings3_1 SilentWings3_2 SilentWings3_4 SilentWings3_5 SilentWings3_6