Online gambling is gaining popularity worldwide, and the number of countries that have legalized it is constantly growing – play Diamond Strike slot.

However, the legality of online casino platforms has been scrutinized in various nations. But these represent a shrinking minority, and the trend is clearly towards fully legalized and regulated online betting. In some countries, gambling is allowed in specialized areas.

In this article, you will learn which countries legalize online gambling slots and online gambling in general.

The United Kingdom

Gambling in the UK is legal and is monitored by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Those who wish to hold licenses to operate here must abide by the strict rules imposed by this commission. Gambling has been legal in this country for centuries, and sports and horse racing are the most common forms.

Different types of licenses are offered in the UK, including those for online and land-based casinos. There are also special permissions for online slots, lotteries, and other online gambling programs. One can apply for a license online through the UKGC website.


Germany is one of the biggest European countries and has a strong economy. Therefore,  there is a lot of money available for online gaming. The country has strict rules when it comes to regulating online gambling. In some states, betting is fully regulated, and those who gamble here enjoy the predictability needed to thrive in this competitive industry.


Gambling in Spain has been legal since 2011, and the unified legislation makes it easy for prospective bookmakers and casinos to apply for a license. The federal government controls the gambling activities in this country, and some rules the local government imposes on casinos. Spanish players can enjoy a variety of casino slots offered on many licensed casino websites.


Online betting is legal in France, with millions of its residents gambling at casinos within its borders and others overseas. Some of the popular casino games have their roots in this country, so it is no surprise that locals enjoy gambling. Betting activities in France are legalized under the 201 French Gambling Act, while the Regulatory Authority for Online Games regulates the industry.


The gambling laws in Ireland have changed several times. Almost a decade ago, they were still limited, but this country’s revolution in gambling abilities is apparent. Gamers in the country have numerous options when it comes to online slots. 


The gambling industry in Malta is booming. Today, the state is in great demand from casino operators wishing to open online establishments. This is because of the constant improvement of regulation of the online betting industry and the desire by local authorities to attract more investors to the online gambling market. Malta is the only country in the world that allows all forms of gambling.

Online gambling is a market that is booming in all parts of the world. However, a few countries are still reluctant to approve this activity. So, before you can start to enjoy online slots, it is advisable to check its legality in that county as it changes from time to time.