If there is one thing that both newcomer penny slot pushers and high rolling, bank-busting veterans of the igaming scene have in common, it has got to be the need to always find ways of increasing your chances of winning on online slot games – also try Microgaming slot software.

Some say that it is simply impossible to increase your chances, others have found the one game that pays them the jackpot every spin, so what is the truth? Are there really ways in which you can increase your chances of winning when playing on the online video slots?

Well, if you see yourself as a top-dog on the online casino scene then you will want to listen up because we know all the answers and soon you will be well on your way to increasing your chances of winning at online slots!

What are the Best Tips if you want to Increase your Chances of Winning on Online Slot Machines?

We can just tell that you are on the edge of your seat… how could you not be when we have all the answers on how to increase your chances and give yourself the upper hand when it comes to tackling those devilish devices?

Without further ado, we have the top tips that you need to be using to increase your chances and help you win more spins:

  •         Check for High RTP and Low Volatility – If you are interested in getting the most return for your buck then you need to be finding the games that have the highest RTPs and lowest volatility rates because they will, on average, pay you the most back.
  •         Give yourself a time limit – One of the biggest myths, when talking about increasing your odds on video slots, is that the more that you play, the higher your chances are of scoring. That ‘just one more’ mentality will only ever leave you in the gutter with little hope. If you want to increase your chances, take lots of breaks so that you can keep your head cool and your spins even more measured.
  •         Use those free spins and welcome packages! – If you want to literally win free cash without having to spend a penny, sign up for welcome packages and loyalty rewards because they are offers of free chances to win! Don’t be a schmuck and turn down those outstanding offers.

How do you Increase your Chances of Winning the Jackpot on an Online Slot Game?

Entering yourself in the running to being the winner of the jackpot whilst playing an online slot game, you need to follow this shortlist.

(Remember, entering the race for the jackpot in most online slot games is a little different from playing normally)

  1.       First, you have got to up your ante to the highest amount possible.
  2.       Only then will you be placed in the candidacy of winning the jackpot.
  3.       Pull that fateful lever, cross your fingers, and hope that you have, indeed, increased your chances of winning!