These are currently my favourite in-ear sports headphones and let me explain why!

Firstly, the fit is amazing. As soon as I put them in my ears I could just tell they wouldn’t be falling out. I have a real hard time finding in-ear headphones that don’t fall out on me, even with the included number or ear pieces in different sizes, they all still manage to fall out. Not with these Antelopes, though, they fit very snug and the over ear design offers great support as they don’t fall out, even when shaking your head on purpose. These are also rather comfortable thanks to the over-ear design.

Pairing them up with my phone was easy as can be. Simply followed the directions to put them in pairing mode, searched new Bluetooth devices on my phone and there they were, connected and was listening to my favourite tracks within minutes.

The sound the Antelopes have to offer is good as far as in-ear headphones go. If you are looking for booming bass and sound that will make you go deaf, please do look elsewhere though as in-ear headphones are not designed for this. The antelopes do offer a great sound and are loud enough to drown out most noises if out and about with them. During my testing, I did hear the odd car or motorbike but that was about it, other than that it was a great enjoyable music listening experience.

As far as the battery goes, it took me about 1hr25min or so to charge it up and it lasted for around a good solid 8 hours while listening to music which is OK. They will definitely get your through the day in most situations and the charging time isn’t too bad

When it comes down to it, for the price they offer a great listening experience and have a decent battery life, well worth a look if you’re in the market for a new pair of in-ear sports headphones.

Disclaimer: I was sent this item for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased