LONDON, ENGLAND, February 2022 – Akasa, a leading provider of passive cooling solutions and fanless cases, have released an updated version of their Turing case, now compatible with Gigabyte AMD Ryzen™ BRIX 4000U-Series Mini-PC. The sleek, futuristic design that the Turing is known for can be used as the centrepiece of a setup or can be hidden away for a clean, truly silent aesthetic.

A NUC76 M1B g03

This generation of Gigabyte BRIX Mini-PCs will support Ryzen™ 4000U, up to 8 cores/16 threads in the Ryzen™ 7 4800U. An efficient CPU is essential for this small form factor, which means a lower power consumption without compromising on performance. The Gigabyte BRIX comes with support for 4 x 4K monitors, making
the motherboard an excellent option for multiple display setups and digital signage. The board also features USB 3.2 connectivity, and with 6 different ports, you’ll never run out of options for peripheral attachments!

With its stylish classical-inspired panels and silk-like design, the Turing ABX case is made to be displayed. It comes with four premium rubber feet and can be exhibited in either a vertical or horizontal position. The curved edges are smooth, producing a softer effect, and allows the minimalist design to blend in well with almost any environment. The case can be used as a statement piece in a home theatre, desktop setup, or recording studio, but can also be hidden away due to its small form factor (118.5 x 95 x 248.2 mm).

This fanless case is not only a looker, but it can handle AMD’s Ryzen™ 4800U, its 25W TDP is enough to cool overclocked versions of these processors. The slim versions of the motherboard are compatible with the Turing ABX, and with additional support for accessories, this case can be moulded to your liking! Akasa’s pigtail cables (A-ATC01-GR) and antennae (A-ATN01-BK) are a great example, boosting your connectivity for a fast wireless internet connection you could only dream of!

A NUC76 M1B f0I



  • The Turing ABX starts at £150.00/€158.00 (prices may vary by reseller)
  • The Turing ABX are available to order throughout the UK, Europe, US and Russia.

Contact [email protected] to find a reseller near you.

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