Continuing to deliver increased performance for PC gamers and builders everywhere, NZXT today announces the newest member to its Aer family of fans with Aer F.

Designed to maximize airflow, Aer F is engineered to move air efficiently, letting even the most powerful systems breath with ease. Featuring the same chamfered intake and exhaust and winglet-designed fan blades found in Aer P radiator fans, Aer F delivers powerful airflow with reduced drag minimizing resistance and vibration. Like its Aer family counterparts, Aer F are made with long-lasting fluid dynamic bearings further enhancing their durability and cooling performance.

Pushing PC gaming to its limits is very important to us at NZXT,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. “Whether you are overclocking the latest processors or running two GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphic cards in SLI, products like Aer F are designed to maximize performance without being intrusive. Having a PC running cool and quiet makes for a deeper more immersive gaming experience.”

Aer F main features:

  • PWM fan designed for better airflow and near-silent performance.
  • Winglet constructed fan blades minimize drag, improving overall cooling.
  • Patented fluid dynamic bearings (FDB) deliver long-lasting operation. (60,000 hours / 6 years)
  • Sleeved cables for easy and clean cable management.
  • Replaceable color trim choices give builders the flexibility to customize their builds (sold separately)

Silence and Cooling Optimized
With sleeved cables, vibration dampeners, chamfered-intake and exhaust, and winglet designed fan blades on the impeller; Aer F is designed and engineered from top-to-bottom to make sure gamers get the best cooling performance without compromising their gaming experience.

Built to Last
Patented fluid dynamic bearings, made from copper, gives Aer F the durability to perform for six years, staying relevant well beyond your next graphics card.

Color Your Way
Aer Trims, compatible with Aer F and Aer P, are available in Red, White, and Blue, enabling builders to color-coordinate their builds, their way. Aer Trims are sold separately.

MSRP Pricing:
Aer F120 (Single Pack) – £19.99
Aer F120 (Twin Pack) – £29.99
Aer F140 (Single Pack) – £19.99
Aer F140 (Twin Pack) – £32.99

Aer Trims 120mm (Available in Red, White, and Blue) – £5.99  for two trims
Aer Trims 140mm (Available in Red, White, and Blue) – £5.99  for two trims

UK – April 2017